Themba Gilbert

Born: 995 TK
Died: 1046 TK

Themba born to magical nobility in the city of Kent, he was designed at birth to follow in his parents footsteps. His father Davis Gilbert was a Power Word Mage and was a member of the ruling Council of the Azin Mages. His mother Rebecca Mary Gilbert was a Mathematics Mage and a Lore Master (Head Teacher) in Kallon Guild. His mother was fond of saying while pregnant that her child was the greatest work of magick and love she has ever crafted. His mother died in childbirth.

His father provided everything he needed to grow, especially love. When Gilbert was 10 years old, he requested (begged) that his father allow him to become an apprentice in the Mages Guildhall. After days (to his father it seamed like years) of begging his father gave in.

Themba mastered his duties quickly and was given additional responsibilities within the guildhall. Less then a year later it was decided by the council that Themba had proven that he was capable of learning the Arcane Arts. Themba completed the tasks and lessons quicker than anyone had previously.

In TK 1015, he achieved the rank of Master Magus. His father was very proud of him. Themba decided to stay in the service of the guildhall. After a few months, his father decided it was time for Themba to move on to his next challenge. In the summer of TK 1015, Themba and his father traveled from Kallon to the Capital of Azin. There his father officially introduced him to the Crown of Azin. Darius Nari', the High King of Azin at the time and Katarina Nari' the high Queen at the time took to him instantly. His gentle eyes where only matched by his gentle nature. A deep friendship between Themba and the Royal family soon developed.

A little over a year later Themba was prompted to the position of Court Mage of Azin. His new post allowed him to excel in his magery. He proved his loyalty repeatedly. He was rewarded with the title of magical guardian of the Royal children.

On Midsummer's Day of TK 1017, Henry Davis Gilbert, mage and father of Themba dies in his sleep. Themba lost his closest friend and greatest confidant. He his soul and spirit was crushed. Themba did not allow this to effect his duties to the Royal family.

In late autumn of TK 1019, the royal family was visiting Kenda. The Queen was with child. As they toured the capital of Kenda, a Horde assassin attempted to kill the Queen with a crossbow. Themba saw the glint of the crossbow in the noon sun and used his magick to create a curved wall of ice. The crossbow bolt was deflected and hit a wall several dozen feet away. Upon impact with the nearby wall, the bolt exploded with Holocaust Dragon Fire.

In TK 1021, after the death of King Darius, Queen Katarina appointed Themba an advisor to the court. He served the position well for five years. During his service as advisor to the crown of Azin, he was sent on many diplomatic missions. A great number of scholars believe at this point in his evolution to the darkness is where he was first contacted. His journals indicated that he was trying to gather information on what and who were and are the Dark Forces that were involved in causing problems for Azin and all of the realms of Alquennas.

In TK 1026, he was appointed unanimously by the Mages Guild of Azin as Arch Magus of Azin. His worked continued to assist Azin; however, no one knew the personal cost to his soul and mind. As the Fourth War with The Horde escalated, his abilities were needed.

On the first day in TK 1040, Themba and a column (110 soldiers) of Azin, mounted warriors were ambushed in Fyngel by Horde Shock (Bugbears) and heavy infantry (Great Orcs) of the Clan of the Kindred Hand. They were out numbered 150 to one. Most of the Azin scholars believe this is the point in Themba's life that he crossed the line. Seeing no other alternative Themba summoned a several spawns from Hell in the middle of the Horde troops. The Horde troops were shattered in moments. Themba then bound the Hell Spawns into his foci. This information was discovered after his death in his journals. The Azin soldiers thought that he had banished them to the pit from with they came from. Over the next few years the personal cost to Themba increased until late TK 1045 when he surrendered himself to the darkness.

One the Third day of TK 1046, Themba Gilbert, the Arch Magus of Azin and one of the closest friends to the royal family, attempted to kill Queen Gwenhyfar Isabel Nari' High Queen of Azin. Queen Gwenhyfar Isabel Nari' was severely injured by the attack. King Rene' Nari' personally hunted down Themba Gilbert. The King found him trying to hide in an alleyway of the Capital. The King arrested Themba who openly confessed in between sobs of tears. The King offered Themba a trial. Themba gave up his right to a trial and pleaded guilty. Rene' Nari High King of Azin sentenced Themba to death by starvation. Themba was to receive 8 pints of water a day. Themba was taken to the Prison of Mirrors located at the White Mountains.

Thirty-Seven days later on the 40th day of the year Themba Gilbert dies of starvation. His body was ordered cremated. His ashes were mixed with mortar and used in building a new wing in the Prison of Mirrors.

It should be noted that as an enemy of the state and traitor any public portraits or statues would normally be destroyed. The High King Rene' ordered that none of the statues or portraits of Themba were to be destroyed. King Rene' informed all of the constables of Azin and the Heralds that Themba had served Azin longer than most of the nobles, constables had, and he was always faithful except for the one incident.