Dietrich Thames
The Sea Wolf

Born in TK 1015 in Talis, he joined the Talis Navy and proved himself an accomplished sailor and leader of men. He rose to the rank of Admiral of the Talis Navy. In TK 1041, Dietrich Thames (the Seawolf) is prompted to Lord Sea General of Talis who commands the entire defensive navel power for the continent of Vitainnia. He is the son of Erich Thames Hero of Talis. He is the youngest to be prompted to this rank.

After years of service to the republic, the Seawolf began to see changes. He, along with many of the flag officers of the Talis Navy, understood the changes their country had undertaken in the name of glory under Rodden Car. The republic was gone replaced by the dictatorship of an Empire. The Seawolf and 2/3 of the Talis Navy defected to the country of Azin, Rene' Nari' High King of Azin appointed Dietrich Thames Admiral of the Azin Northern Fleet of 800 ships of war.

His desire to free his form country from the rule of a tyrant is the materials that legends and plays are written about commented Robin Thatcher the playwright.

On the 102nd day of TK 1047 while commanding his fleet, they entered the Sheltered Sea of his homeland (Talis) when a storm appeared and his entire fleet vanished. Over one hundred days later all of the ships in the fleet were found of the coast of Northern Shield. The ships were in perfect condition, however not a single soul was found.