The Bard Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones born in the city of Azin in the country of Azin discovered at a young age he had a talent for music and getting into trouble. During the Fourth War with the Horde, he toured military outposts of troops of the alliance of Nations to entertain them. He was awarded the Queens Medal of Valor for his service in the defense of Lords. The Horde forces out numbered the defenders of the city of Lords 30 to 1, when the Horde breeched the outer wall of the city. The Bard Thomas Jones stood on a pile of rubble and began to sing. The song was titled "Land of our Fathers." The soldiers of Lords rallied as every human and Elven voice in the city carried the song. The Horde was pushed back by a wave of humanity. The Horde never again breeched the walls of the city of Lords. He was awarded the Queens Medal of Valor, for that day no one in the city of Lords was a civilian. The song is now the song of all of the city of Lords troops and guards.