Tim Macken ath Sharinnon

Born into a troop of entertainers, Tim learned many skills that would help him as an acrobatic performer. This was until he saw a band of archers stop a hand of Horde mounted warriors from over 500 feet. He then desired to become an archer so that he could one day protect people from the Horde. He joined the Sharinnon military during the Fourth War with the Horde. He excelled in archery, both with the Long Bow and Siege Archery. During the siege of Coventry, he led a column of archers that kept the Horde troops pinned down, allowing the Alliance troops to move into position for their final attack. When the Horde attempted to flank the Alliance troops, Tim commanded his column to stop them. They were outnumbered forty to one. Tim and his archers stopped the flanking Horde troops. Currently, Tim trains young archers in the Sharinnon military.