Tim "The Dark Pirate" Simmons

Born in Talis, he was disillusioned by the prospects of joining his father's vocation in the merchant guild. When he was 10, he stowed away on a pirate vessel. He was soon discovered and was forced to work for food. He learned how to survive and succeed on the pirate ship. When he was 14, he was a full fledged member of the crew. When he was 18, his ship captured a wraith class ship. Tim led a prize crew to sail it and was told to take it to the nearest harbor to sell. Instead, he took the ship for his own. His first victim was his former captain and ship. He has been captain of the "Dark Wraith" since TK 1048, and has been credited for capturing and/or sinking over 200 ships. He currently leads a squadron of six pirate ships.