The Undead Creatures of Alquennas

The Living World of Alquennas can be a dangerous place to live, to work, or just to survive. The history is filled with records of events when the dark has risen in attempts to take over control of the world. Each time the population of Alquennas has banded together to stop them. The dark started to use a new tactic of animating the dead and summoning undead creatures to destroy and subdue many realms on Alquennas. The following is a list of undead creatures that have been sighted roaming across the realms of Alquennas:

There are two categories of Zombies. The first category consists of those undead creatures that have been reanimated by means of dark magick or by the followers of the dark. The second category consists of those undead creatures that have been created by a disease that is transmitted by a bite from an infected creature to a non infected creature. In the later category, it can take up to a week for an infected creature to turn to a Zombie.

Ghouls by nature are the most disgusting of all of the undead as they are the nearest to being alive. In order to remain animate, they must feed on the flesh of intelligent creatures/races. The flesh can be that of a corpse or a living creature. Their favorite meal is the flesh of elves with one exception. The flesh of shadow elves is poisonous to all ghouls.

When a ghoul attacks a victim, it is only interested in feeding upon the victim and any items or possessions that victim is carrying will be left at the scene of the attack once the ghoul gets done feasting.

Lichs are necromancers that have completed their educational journey and have achieved their highest goal of becoming the most powerful of undead creatures. The act of turning one’s self into a Lich is a demanding one that requires, among other dark materials, large quantities of the known 15 base poisons. Even though numerous necromancers attempt to transform themselves into Lichs, only about 5% succeed.

Skeletons are the animated bones of creatures that once lived. Skeletons are extremely simple minded. Skeletons are usually the first type of undead that a user of dark magick or follower of the dark creates.

Deaths are animated servants of Death itself. They specifically are targeted on a certain victim. If you are not the target of the Death’s task, you are safe from its icy cold deadly touch.

Wraiths are incorporeal disembodied spirits of terrible darkness and power. Their sole purpose is to feed upon the life force of mortals. Wraiths were once mortal and depending on which type of wraith appears, they either were wronged or betrayed only leaving their hatred and vengeance in the afterlife.

Water Wraiths
Water Wraiths, also known as Rusalka, are related to Ghouls. They are the corpses that are the vessels for spirits of women and girls that were drowned or have died in the water that are seeking revenge. Some legends also state that little girls and woman that have turned towards evil will seek this path once they die.

Wights are the fallen bodies of mortals that have been buried in unconsecrated ground. Not being buried in holy ground allows powerful and always malicious spirits to inhabit these bodies and animate them. They are considered one of the most dangerous of the undead creatures.

Vampires are soulless undead creatures that require the drinking of blood to sustain their existence and their great power. Vampires rule over most of the rest of the undead creatures with the exception of Lichs who can, in fact, enslave vampires. Vampires are cunning and intelligent enemies that prefer to defeat their opponents with their intelligence and wisdom. The older the vampire is, the more powerful the vampire is.

The Living World of Alquennas has not seen a vampire since TK 640 when the Blood King was destroyed by Anakin Duncan Tully.

Several diverse cultures have used the art of mummification to preserve their honored dead for the journey for the afterlife. In many instances, the departed is laid to rest with great wealth. Those that prepare the soul and body for the afterlife will place curses and charms on the tomb so that, if disturbed, the mummy will rise to takes its vengeance upon those that dare violate their tomb and their slumber.

Ghosts, Phantoms and Spectres
There is not much known about the ghosts, phantoms and spectres that haunt the Living World of Alquennas. What is known is that they are usually spirits from those that have not completed a task or have died horribly and either want justice or want their story to be told.