Vale of Tears

It is recorded in the verbal record maintained by the Great Elves of Alquennas that before Man built his first city; there was a great battle on the continent of Bryagel. During it, legions of Darkness had cornered the Lady of Light in a great forest there.

Two Great Elves saw the Darkness in their pursuit and went to rescue the Lady of Light. They fought valiantly, defeated the Darkness, and saved her. However, they did so at the cost of their lives.

It is said that the Lady of Light wept bitterly over her defenderís bodies. Her tears flowed down and created a mystical Vale. This sacred haven became the Vale of Tears. As the Vale grew and formed around her, the bodies of her defenders were taken into the earth of the Vale and two memorial obelisks of pure white marble were formed.

The Vale is bowl shaped and in its center is a bubbling spring. This spring forms a small stream that flows between the obelisks of the First Fallen and out of the bowl of the Vale. Eventually the stream flows into the Ladyís Dream River. The Vale always seems to be shrouded in mists except when Debohran is full. To this day, it is possible to hear the sound of the Lady of Light weeping whenever another fallen is laid to rest in the Vale of Tears.

The honored fallen of the Elves are laid to rest in the Vale of Tears. It does not matter if the fallen is a True or Great Elf, Half-Blood or Shadow, all honored fallen of Elven blood are welcomed to their rest there. They are laid to rest upon the bosom of the land and a small cairn is built to mark their passing. It is part of the magic of the Vale that no graves are dug or tombs built. The Vale itself buries the dead. No undead or unholy being has ever walked in the Vale since it was created. It is said that the spirits that reside there will return to defend its sacred ground should Darkness of any form even attempt trespass there.