Wargs are wolfish in overall appearance, but their color is almost invariably dark, usually black. Their eyes seem to glow like red embers and there is an evil and malevolent cast to their expressions that simply cannot be mistaken merely for wolfish ferocity. They delight in bloodshed and kill for the sheer joy of it.

Wargs are intelligent creatures and can learn any trick a dog can learn. They are also quarrelsome and vicious. Wargs have none of the pack loyalties of true Wolves (with the exception of Great Wargs), and often fight amongst themselves for dominance, for a choice bit of food, or even just to be unpleasant.

Goblin handlers take great care when around them, knowing just how treacherous and bad-tempered even the best-trained Warg can be. Even though a Warg can be trained, it cannot ever be truly tamed. Indeed, by virtue of its demonic nature and its sheer viciousness, a Warg is not above taking a chunk out of a Goblin “Master” any more than it would dream of refusing a meal of a succulent human child! Indeed, the bloodlust of the Wargs is such that the pack may well fall upon a wounded Warg and cannibalistically eat him on the spot.

For additional information on Wargs please see the Mystic Station Designs, LLC SkillSkape book entitled
“The Book of Creatures Volume One”