Warning Flags of Alquennas

Area Conflict Warning

The area is under conflict from a natural disaster to all out war.

Area to be Fired

The surrounding area is to be purged by fire. This condition usually comes about due to a quarantined area. If the area is without any hope of a cure, then it is usually purged by fire to prevent the spread of whatever caused the area to be quarantined.

Area of Magical Perversity

You are entering an area that has been affected by or afflicted by magical perversity.

Black Plague

Crimson Fever

Crop Plague

The Crop Plague has struck the area

Dangerous Cargo Onboard

Dangerous Marine Life Warning

Dangerous marine creatures have been sighted in the area. These dangerous creatures include jellyfish, sand sharks, rockfish, stonefish, skates, devilfish, predator coral, etc.

Flying Predator Warning

Flying Predators have been sighted in the area. These could be giant raptors, Sky Cats, or even Dragons.

Gale Warning

Green Storm Warning

There are hostile members of the Goblinoid Races here in force and they have attacked. This flag was created between the Third War with the Horde and the Fourth War with the Horde.

Hurricane Warning

Hydra Warning

Hydra(s) or recent signs of Hydra(s) have been found in the area.

Injured - Medical Assistance Needed

Medical assistance is requested, there are injured individual(s) here.

Land Predator Warning

Land Predators have been sighted in the area. These could be great Cats, Wolves, Wargs, Desert Worms, or other apex land predators.

Member of a Quarantine Fleet

Poisoned Source of Water

A nearby source of water (well, oasis, river, pond, lake, etc.) has been discovered to be poisoned.

Predator Jellyfish Warning

Predatory Jellyfish have been sighted in the area. They may be considered as predators due to size, toxicity, or sheer numbers.


Reaper Warning

Red Fever

Red Tornado

Sea Monster Warning

Sea Monster(s) have been sighted in the area. Sea monsters referenced by this flag include kraken, giant squids, sharks, and any large predators of the sea.

Storm Warning

Tornado Warning

Vessel is in Distress

The vessel flying this flag is considered to be in Distress. Immediate help is requested. Such help is required to save crew, passengers, cargo, and/or even the vessel itself.