Terralen Weaver Birds

The Terralen Weaver Birds or Weaver Finches are native to the all the regions of Terralen on the continent of Terla except for those truly desolate regions in the Ariddia. These birds have rounded conical bills that allow them access to their primary food source of seeds in the semi-arid and arid landscape of Terralen.

The males of the species are brightly colored, with feathers that can range from yellows, to reds to blues and violet. The male's colors brighten during mating season as they use their plumage to attract mates. The female's color can range from red to blue but is not as brilliant as the males. The males may reach a weight of 12 oz and the females can reach a weight of 16 oz.

The Terralen Weaver Birds get their name from the elaborately woven nests that the males build. The birds use natural local materials including grasses, twigs, and leaf fibers to construct their nests. The nests can range from a few inches to seven feet in size. The nest will comprise of a spherical chamber that is attached to a tree, house or any tall structure that has a platform inside for the eggs. The chamber will be connected to a tube or set of tubes that help protect the chamber from nest predators. These nests are waterproof and designed to allow wind to pass by them without causing any damage. Once constructed, the pair of birds will use the nest for a single season until their chicks are grown and have left the nest.

The architects and building engineers of Terralen have begun studying the abandoned nests of the Terralen Weaver Birds in TK 1049, by the order of the Duchess of Terralen.