The Continent of Xendarna


Xendarna Political Map   - Xendarna Political Map

Country Name Primary Race Government Type Current Leader Capital Alliance
Xendana Dwarves Monarch King Horgn- Thunder Lighter Thornarn AON
Carwin Haeflins Haeflin Count Haeflin Council Algorian ATA

Historical Defining Incident
In the time of Thunder Stone the Haeflins were driven out of Kenda by to Orcs during their occupation of the continent. Thunder stone granted the Haeflins (much land) in their kingdom thus dividing the continent into two nations the Dwarven Kingdom of Xendana and the Haeflin nation of Carwin.


Major Rivers:

Major Lake:

The Dwarves of Kingdom of Xendana are devoted followers of their ancestors and of the God of Thunder and his mate the Goddess of lightening. When the Haeflins were without a nation the God and Goddess came to the Dwarves in their dreams to inform the Dwarves to provide sanctuary to the Haeflins. Since the Haeflins arrival on the continent there has been great prosperity of the land and the deep earth. The Dwarven miners found several new veins of existing and new minerals.

The Dwarves have built dozens of cities of stone underneath the plains of Xendana and deep within the protective peak of Thunder's Barb.

The country of Xendana on the continent of Xendarna is comprised of four regional prefectures, these prefectures are:

The Prefectures of the Country of Xendana
The Nordlig Prefecture
The Sentral Prefecture
The Sorlige Prefecture
The Thora Halvoy Prefecture

The country of Xendana primary race is of dwarves; however, there are elven communities (woods) within the borders of Xendana. These woods are:

The Elven Woods of the Country of Xendana
Golden Fir
of the Nordlig Prefecture
Silver Fir
of the Sentral Prefecture
Iron Fir
of the Sentral Prefecture
Copper Fir
of the Sorlige Prefecture
Ruby Fir
of the Thora Halvoy Prefecture


Major Rivers:

The Haeflins began their first settlement of Algorian on the River Bron and began to rebuild their culture. After several years the Haeflins had begun to prosper and create new settlements throughout the territory they were given by the Dwarves. The Haeflins built three great cities in this new land. The Capital city of Algorian, the City of Lexa where the University of Language resides and the harbor city of Jamila (jah-MEE-lah)

The Elven Woods of the Country of Carwin
Amethyst Poplar in Carwin
Copper Poplar in Carwin
Emerald Poplar of Carwin
Golden Poplar in Carwin
Iron Poplar in Carwin
Jet Poplar In Carwin
Obsidian Poplar in Carwin
Ruby Poplar in Carwin
Sapphire Poplar in Carwin
Silver Poplar in Carwin

Notable information
In 605 BK the Alchemist Kemorian working with a group of Dwarven brewers from the Xendarna hills were attempting to create medicine from the Algo root (root of life found only on the Continent of Cellenda in the mountain valleys of the White Mountains in the Kingdom of Azin.) The root is too powerful to ingest straight. While working on reducing the potency of the root, they discovered how to distill things. One thing led to another and the first fortified spirits were made. It should be noted that the medicine was created from the Algo root before the fortified spirits were made.