Amber Rose

(MR2, Element Earth and Fire)

The Amber Rose bushes can be found in the heart of deep old forests in the northern and southern hemisphere that have open sections of canopy, which allow light to reach the Amber Rose Bushes. These bushes can grow up to 12 feet in diameter, up to six feet in height and can produce up to 15 blossoms up to three times a year, one in each season except for winter season. Once the blossom is cut from the stem or falls off, it will not disintegrate or decompose as it is made of Amber.

If one quantity of blossoms of Amber roses is enchanted, it acts as four quantities of materials in any plant magick spells.

If two quantities of blossoms of Amber Roses are enchanted, it not only acts as eight quantities of materials but also if it is used for any of the plant entanglement spells, it will double the duration and the strength of the spell.

If three quantities of blossoms of Amber Roses is enchanted and used in any of the plant healing spells, it will double the strength of the spells.

If two quantities of Amber Rose blossoms are ground into a powder and then steeped in two quantities of the essence of snowballs for over an hour, a mixture that will heal all burns at four times the normal rate is created.

The stems of the Amber Rose bush make excellent shafts for arrows, including Elven long bows and battle bows. They increase the range of an archer by 10 feet if used as the shaft of an arrow.

The chance to find Amber roses in a shop is 15% and 10% in the wild. Fresh blossoms are worth 150 P per quantity, entire bushes for transplanting are worth 1510 P each.