Plants and Vegetation of Alquennas

The Living World contains several earth varieties of plant life and several varieties that are Alquennas specific. Among these Alquennas specific are some unique varieties. The following depicts plants and vegetation unique to the living world of Alquennas.

Algo Root

Blue Petite Desert Rose

Chian Peppers

Desert Julep Berry

Desert Juniper Bush

Devil's Claw

Elephant Nuts

Fire Cabbage

Fire Nuts

Hex Master's Sage

Hill Huggers

Ice Berry Plant

King Garlic

Larlack Bush

Lamp Nuts

Mage Root Plant

Medallion Plant

Pine Berry Plant

Pipe Plant

Sea Drake's Chard

Snowball Plant

Snowflake Lettuce

Spice Nut Tree

Star Orange


Volcano Bush

Warg Bane

Weavers Yarn Plant

The Web Plant


The Plants of the Wasteland of Azin

Wasteland Roses

The wasteland rose comes in six shades, or varieties. Each variety has its own unique properties. They all have some things in common. They all gain nourishment from the Mana and their surroundings. They are very hardy. They are beautiful and powerful. It is for the above reason they are sought after. The Duranta pay their taxes to Azin in the flowers of the dessert roses.

The Roses and the Wild Life Plant can only be found on the Continent of Cellenda.

Amber Rose

Amethyst Rose

Copper Rose

Crystal Rose

Emerald Rose

Forlorn Rose

Golden Rose

Green Rose

Lavender Rose

Lead Rose

Pale Blue Rose

Pyre Rose

Ruby Rose

Sapphire Rose

Sandstone Empire Rose

Silver Rose

Topaz Rose

True Lead Rose

Wild Life Plant