Desert Juniper Tree

(Magical Element: Fire and Earth, MR 4)

Desert Juniper Trees can be found in all of the deserts of Alquennas, including the magical wasteland of Azin. This tree, often mistaken as a bush during its first two years of growth, holds a secret to surviving travel through the desert.

The temperature beneath the branches of a Desert Juniper Tree is always 5 to 10 degrees (Celsius) cooler than that of the surrounding area. This difference in temperature can mean the difference between life and death for travelers of the deserts. Together with the normal shade provided by the branches and leaves of this tree, this temperature differential provides a very effective resting place for travelers.

There is a 60% chance that any vegetation in a desert encounter on Alquennas will contain at least three Desert Juniper Trees. In the Wasteland of Azin, there is a 45% chance that any vegetation in the desert encounter will contain at least three Desert Juniper Trees.

The Desert Juniper Berries

(Magical Element: Fire, MR 4)

Users of Magick, especially those that use Fire Magicks, prize the berries of the Desert Juniper Tree. This is because one quantity of these berries will count as three quantities of magical materials in a magical item or as a spell component.

Additionally, 30 quantities of fully enchanted Desert Juniper Berries can be made into a mixture that will act as a Bane against Ice and Water creatures. Any ice or water loving creature must make a Willpower check 25%. If the creature fails their check, they will leave the area immediately. If the creature makes their willpower check, all skill TSC%, while within 30 feet of the Bane, are reduced by -13%. The berries are valued at 35 P per quantity in countries that contain or are near a desert. The price for the berries increases to 120 P per quantity in those countries that do not contain or are near a desert.