Mage Root Plant

(Magical Element: All four MR 5)

Mage Root is only found on the continent of Cimmeran along the Spin-Bow-Ta mountain range. This hardy plant grows to about three feet tall and two feet wide with thorny branches and a coarse rough green leaf. The true prize of the Mage Root plant is the root of the plant. A mature plant (4 to 5 months of age) will produce a root that is five feet long and three to four inches in width. It is this root that the plant is named for. It is extremely important to users of magick. The root can be used in all forms of magick and can be used as a substitute for any material with the exception of silver, dwarven silver, the dark metal, and the dark metal alloys.

If one uses 4 quantities of enchanted Mage Root, it will increase the SC% of any magical attempt by 11%. Once the magical attempt is completed, the 4 quantities of enchanted Mage Root will disintegrate.

The chance to find a wild Mage Root Plant in Cimmeran is 45% except around the River of Flames. Attempts to export the Mage Root plants to other continents have failed. The only stores you will find Mage Root are on the continent of Cimmeran. There a pound of Mage Root will cost you 10 Cr. That is, if you are permitted to purchase it. It is recommended that anyone who is not a member of the Horde refrain from even trying to attempt such a purchase.