Fire Cabbage

(Magical Element, Fire at MR 3)

The spicy taste of this red white veined plant is how it received its name. This nutritious member of the cabbage family will mature with four to six inch heads. Cooks throughout the world prize the Fire Cabbage to spice up their meals and to serve Fire Cabbage as a main course. The Fire Cabbage is rated at 5 NU and there is a 50% chance that once can find Fire Cabbage in the shop and if one was on the continents of Xendarna, Kenda, Bryagel, or Fyngel there would be a 60% chance to find it wild. If one was on the continent of Cimmeran, Mednadda or Cellenda there would be a 75% chance to find Fire Cabbage in the wild. Fire Cabbage ranks a 4 on the spicy scale.