Fire Nuts

(Magical Element, Fire rated MR 3)

The Fire Nut Tree is found in tropical and subtropical lands that enjoy sunlight. Some say that the nuts of the Fire Nut tree worship the sun as the nuts are highly nutritious and have a powerful taste that warms the body. Once harvested, Fire Nuts will stay edible for up to three years if they are stored in a dry cool place.

Fire Nuts received their name for the warming effect experienced in the mouth as the nutís oils are released by chewing. The temperature in the eaterís mouth increases by 5 Cį. This reaction can be lessened by chopping up the nuts and thus releasing some of the oil beforehand.

Fire Nuts have become very popular and there is an 80% chance to find Fire Nuts in the markets on any continent for 12 P per pound. The nutritional value ranks very high at 9 NU per pound.

There are entire plantations devoted to Fire Nut Trees in Terla, Aroria, Trista and southern Kenda. The only true downfall of the Fire Nut is that if too many nuts are ingested at one time, the eater will become sick due to the richness of the nuts and their oils.