Golden Rose

(Magical Element: Earth and Fire MR 3)

The Golden Rose named for the metallic golden colored petals of the flower is also known as the "Good Luck Rose." The stem of the Golden Rose is a soft golden in color that brilliant green leaves grow from. The Golden Rose is a climber variety that can sprawl out for several dozen feet if allowed to grow that far.

4 petals provides a bonus of 15% to luck.
8 petals provides a bonus of 15% to skilled games.
12 petals provides a bonus of 25% to Games of Chance.
8 petals provides a bonus of 15% to finding objects.
8 enchanted petals provides a bonus of 11% to all divination detect and discern spells.

The Golden Rose can be found wild on the Cellenda, Bryagel, and Mednadda continents. There is a 10% chance that one will find a Golden Rose bush in the wild.

There is a 45% chance that you will find Golden Rose petals in a shop. In the shop, dried Golden Rose Petals sell for 140 P per pound and fresh Golden petals sell for 200 P per pound. Please note that if one uses dried Golden Rose petals, they will need to double the quantity required.

Note: a gambler or a player in a game of chance or skilled game that is found with Golden Rose petals or something made with Golden Rose petals on their person will be disqualified from the game they are playing. Or worse.