Ice Berry Plant

(magical element Water rated at MR 4)

The Ice Berry plant can grow to heights of 6 feet. The width of the plant is 4 times its height and sprawls out in every direction. At the beginning of the growing season small greenish-black spherical berries begin to grow. These young berries are considered a delicacy in many cultures. This is due to their high sugar content. Sweet syrup is usually made from the immature ice berries.

It is when the berries mature do they take on their name sake. The mature Ice berries are black as jet and are the size of a walnut, when one bites into a mature ice berry the temperate in ones mouth decreases by 5 degrees C. The Ice Berry Plant is rated at 5 NU per pound

The Ice Berry plants can be found on the continents of Kenda, Cellenda, Vitainnia Mednadda and Xendarna where there is a 75% chance they can be found wild and a 90% chance they can be found in a shop. Since the Ice Berry Plant is considered a delicacy the demand for them is high especially as the growing season ends. The Ice Berries fetch 10 P per pound on the continents they are found on and 60 P per pound on other continents during the growing season.

There are entire plantations on Cellenda, Mednadda, and Xendarna devoted to growing Ice Berries.