Pipe Plant

(Magical Element; Fire, and Earth rated at MR 5)

If there is a Haeflin settlement, village or single hut you will find Pipe Plant. Many non haeflins call it Haeflin Weed or Haeflin Pipe Weed. For haeflins once dried and smoked it provides a relaxation effect on the smoker and any other haeflin that inhales the smoke. In humans it causes the stomach and lungs to react in a negative manner. Humans that try Haeflin Pipe Plant usually end up sick to their stomach and coughing for hours afterwards. Elves and Dwarves have similar reactions to the smoke of burning Pipe Plant that humans do. Most of the Goblinoid races are not affected by the Haeflin Pipe Plant and do not even bother with it.

Originally Pipe Plant was cultivated by the Horde to smoke out defenders in a siege. When they tried it against a haeflin settlement the haeflins discovered they liked it. The Horde was not pleased and stopped using it.