Elephant Nuts

(Magical Element, Earth rated MR 3)

The Elephant Nut is also known as the Mammoth Nut due to its sheer size. The Elephant Nut grows on trees that are over 150 feet tall. The nuts take 3 years to mature before they drop from the tree. The average weight of an Elephant Nut is 80 pounds with 10 of those pounds being the shell of the Elephant Nut.

The Elephant Nuts are native to the south Terla Island chains and the Isle of Three Sisters. As these nuts will not float in water because of their dense nature, they have not migrated naturally to other lands. However, merchants have started Elephant Nut plantations in Moshven and Azin.

Many consider the kernel of the Elephant Nut a delicacy and they are highly sought after. The nuts are nutritious and rate at NU 6 per pound. The nuts themselves are quite costly averaging about 6 pennies per pound when available. Some chefs have taken slices of the nut and served them in a manner similar to steaks for royal feasts. This is especially popular when certain fasts are observed at court for religious reasons.