Hex Masterís Sage

(Magical Element, Air rated MR 2)

Hex Master's Sage is specialized cultivated augmented variety of Sage that only grows within the grounds of Duchy of Kent. It possesses a magical affinity for Air magicks. When one quantity is used in an anointing mixture for a device that will contain air magick it counts as 3 materials and doubles the recharge rate of the device.

If one enchants Hex Master's Sage (MR 0) and burns it as incense it will purify the air from effects of foul air and all levels of the spell "Create Noxious Fumes"; however it will only mitigate of dragons breath as long as it is burning.

Hex Master's Sage can only be purchased dry and is expensive at 240 P per quantity and is only available for a short time right after harvest to the open markets of the realms.