(Magical Element, Earth rated at MR 4)

This berry plant grows in the temperate climates on most continents on Alquennas. The berries are also known as the Healer's Berries because of their ability to reduce pain.

A Healer would take one quantity of Willteen berries, crush them into a paste/mixture with water, and then steep the paste in either cold or hot water for 10 minutes. The resulting tea that is made will relieve most headaches and will double the healing rate of most characters.

Outside the continent of Terla, there is a 20% chance you will find Willteen Berries at a cost of 10 P per pound, 20 P per pint of good wine and 60 P per pint for fine wine made with the Willteen Berry.

The berries of this three-foot high plant are green with white splotches with a black stem. Harvested, the berries are worth 4 P per pound in the countries they grow in and are normally 25 P per pound in countries they are exported to. The Bushes sell for 10 P for seedlings and 60 P for adult bushes. The Berries are rated at 1 NU per pound.