Volcano Bush

(Magical Element: Fire MR 4)

This highly poisonous plant is sought after for its sap's ability to eat through almost any substance. The Volcano Bush can grow to heights of over 20 feet and sprawl out to 30 feet in radius. Its brightly colored leaves of blue and green and its bright red and blue flowers make the Volcano Bush one of the most beautiful around. They also warn of its deadly properties. The Volcano Plant can be found in arid regions and on the sides of active and inactive volcanoes.

The bark of the plant can be made into clothing that will withstand any known corrosive substance with the exception of fire from a Drake. It requires 30 quantities of the plant to make an average size tunic and 35 quantities to make an average size set of breeches. The dwarves have begun cultivating this plant for the bark of the bush.

If one ingests 1 quantity of the sap, flowers or roots of the Volcano Bush, they will suffer 2 body points of damage per round for 2D10 rounds. If the sap of the Volcano Bush touches the skin the victim will suffer -1 body point for every 10 seconds the sap is on the skin.

There is a 5% chance that one will find the sap and flowers of the Volcano Bush in a store. The sap must be contained in a glass container and will cost 5 Cr per quantity. The flowers of the Volcano Plant must also be contained in a glass container and will cost 2 Cr per quantity.

1 quantity of the sap of the Volcano Bush used in fire magick is equal to 4 quantities of other materials.
1 quantity of the flowers of the Volcano Bushed used in fire magick is equal to 3 quantities of other materials.

It is possible to compound a balm out of beeswax, King Garlic, honey, olive oil, and other ingredients. If one and only one drop of the sap is added to this balm base, it will, when applied, create a warming sensation that is very soothing to arthritic and other similar joint complaints. Such balms can only be compounded by Master healers and routinely fetch 15 Cr per half pound of balm.