King Garlic

(Magical Element: Fire MR 4)

King Garlic is the largest member of the garlic family with an average weight of 1 pounds per head. This variety produces what is considered to be the largest size of garlic available on the planet. Some heads have been reported to be 3 pounds in size. Found mainly in Azin and Kenda, King Garlic has been exported to all of the continents that have temperate growing seasons. It has been grown successfully in the green areas of Terla.

If one takes 8 quantities of enchanted King Garlic it will add a +11% to the effectiveness of any ward, circle or protection spell. King Garlic cost is 1 P per pound. There is a 90% chance of finding King Garlic in the shop, and 50% of finding King Garlic in the wild of forested areas.