Lamp Nuts

(Magical Element, Fire and Earth rated MR 3)

The Lamp Nut Tree is known by many names, including the Torch Nut Tree and the Flame Nut Tree. It is one of the greatest sources for lamp oil on Alquennas.

When mature, this four foot tree produces anywhere from 30 pounds, in arid climates, up to 90 pounds, in temperate climates, of nuts in a year.

The nuts are very rich in taste and are nutritious. They provide 4 NU per pound. The abundance and hardiness of the plant has reduced the cost of lamp oil to P per pint. Many believe the flavor is too rich to eat and grow them solely for the lamp oil.

It is possible to make 1 pint of lamp oil for every three pounds of nuts. The oil is pressed from the entire nut, including the soft shell. The oil is smokeless and burns very brightly. It is also wonderful as a carrier oil for balms, salves and unguents.

The plant does not have any special soil requirements as it does as well in sandy wasteland as it does in rich fertile soil. The Lamp Nut Tree is found on all of the continents except the northern and southern shields. The nuts are quite cheap ranging from to penny per pound.