Green Rose

(Magical Element: All Four MR 3)

The Green Rose is the source that all healers on Alquennas wear some green on them to denote that they are healers. This is due to the healing powers that the Green Rose Possesses. The Green Rose is also known as the Healerís Rose. The Green Rose possesses the following healing abilities:

4 petals on a wound will stop all effects from poisoning.
8 petals will double the natural healing rate of the wound and will close an open wound.
1 petal ground into hot water will cure a normal sore throat.
2 petals ground into hot water will reduce a fever for 2 days.
4 petals ground into hot water with garlic will cure a normal fever.
6 petals ground into hot water with garlic will cure Red Fever.

A laceration covered in a poultice made from fresh Green Rose petals will heal in a day.

Permanent Scars that are wrapped in poultices made from Green Rose petals will go away in 30 days as long as they are kept covered and the poultices are replaced every day with fresh ones.

4 quantities of Green Rose Petals will double the potency of any salve or mixture.

The Green Rose can be found in the wild on the Cellenda, Kenda, and Mednadda continents. The chance of finding a wild Green Rose plant is 24%. The Green Rose has been exported to every continent with a temperate climate to tropical climate but it does not grow wild on most of them. There is a 10% chance that you will find Green Rose petals in a shop. In the shop, dried Green Rose petals sell for 1 Cr per pound and fresh Green Rose petals sell for 2.5 Cr per pound. Please note that if one uses dried Green Rose petals, they will need to double the quantity required.

1 quantity of Green Rose petals, if used for healing magick, is equal to four quantities of other materials. However, this effect only occurs when the petals are used in simple devices such as potions, salves, balms, elixirs and cordials. More complex items tend to overpower their qualities and they revert to one quantity.