Sea Drake’s Chard

(Magical Element, Water rated MR 2)

This is another quick growing plant that favors all coastlines of Alquennas. It grows just above the high tide lines and is known for soaking up many nutrients from the seawater.

Sea Drake's Chard is a thick ribbed stem with dark green leaves similar to other chards. It forms long elongated heads like endive. The stems may range from a bluish color, to purplish to almost a deep burgundy red depending upon the acidity of the surrounding soils and the plants’ maturity level. Older growths have been seen reaching heights of up to six feet.

This chard got its name because it was noticed that Sea Drakes would seek it out and chew through entire stands at one sitting. Especially their young. It appears to contribute to their health in some fashion as well as providing some component for their venom. Older Sea Drakes will favor the reddish stemmed plants, younger ones favor the bluish ones.

The plant itself is not poisonous – in fact it is excellent for removing toxins from the body. One quantity will add 3% to the efficacy of cordials used against any toxin. If used specifically against any sea creatures’ neurotoxic venom, it will add 10%. If used in a poultice against a case of Sea Drake Venom poisoning, it will stop further damage immediately. If it is taken as part of a cordial, it will halt the damage completely and will repair any internal damage provided that either the plant or the cordial is ingested for 3 days straight.

The Se Drake Chard is nutritious at 5 NU per pound. There is a 90% chance to find Sea Drakes’ Chard in the markets on any continent for 6 P per pound. This may drop as low as 75% the further one gets from the coastline if one is seeking a specific kind of the Chard.