Hill Huggers

(magical Element, Earth rated at MR 4)

Hill Huggers are a type of mushroom (lichen) that grows on the sides of hills and mountains in crevices. This fungus is roughly boot shaped and is anchored to crevices by specialized anchor feet. The Hill Huggers begin life with a green-grey tint that warns one that at this stage of life the Hill Huggers are poisonous to ingest. The effects are similar to ingesting Aqua Hydrii. When the Hill Hugger turns a grayish-black tint they are mature and are no longer dangerous to eat. Their NU value is 2 NU per pound. One can make an antidote for Aqua Hydrii with two pounds of mature Hill Huggers grown into a powder and added to water. A pharmacology roll is required to make the antidote.

Hill Huggers can be found on the continents of Cellenda, Mednadda and Xendarna where there is a 45% chance they can be found in the wild on the sides of hills or mountains and a 85% chance they will be found in a shop. On the continents where they are found they fetch a price of 40 P per pound and on other continents they fetch a price of 120 P per pound.