Warg Bane

(Magical Element, Air rated MR 43)

The bush called Warg Bane is believed to have been first cultivated by the first ones after the appearance of the Wargs many thousands of years ago. The plant is native to Azin and Bryagel. The smell of the plant will force a Warg to make a Willpower check minus 50%. A Great Warg must make a Willpower check minus 25%. Upon a failure, the Warg or Great Warg will reverse their direction and back away from the plant, often at speed. It is theorized that something in the scent triggers a primal fear in the Warg’s body. However, to most races, the scent is nondescript and completely neutral.

During the springtime, when the pollen of the plant is floating on the breeze, a Warg or Great Warg will need to make the modified Willpower checks when they are within 300 feet of a Warg Bane Bush. The Warg Bane Bush will grow to three to four feet in height when mature and will be three feet wide.

The plant has had very limited success in being transplanted to other continents. In one case, the first time a bush was transplanted to Fyngel, the bush browned and died. The leaves and berries of the plant are poisonous to most creatures with the notable exception of most Birds, Sky Cats, and Deer.

One can make a pouch of Protection from Wargs by collecting the berries (˝ lb), the leaves (1 lb.) and garlic. The mixture must then be steeped in boiling white wine for an hour. Then let the mixture cool. Once cooled, strain the mixture and reserve the leftover mash. Soak a piece of leather in it for 24 hours and then form it into a pouch. Take some of the reserved mash and place it in the leather pouch. The pouch will remain affective for two months. It provides the same protection to the wearer as if they were carrying a branch from the live bush.

Materials from the Warg Bush can cost upwards of 150 pennies per pound of material.