Weavers Yarn Plant

(Magical Element: Earth and Air MR 5)

As the name suggests, the Weavers Yarn Plant makes excellent yarn. It is also an excellent material for making rope. The plant grows up to 6 feet tall in 10 days and can be harvested multiple times in a growing season. The Weavers Yarn Plant grows in any temperate climate. The plants are similar to a cross between flax and bamboo.

The leaves of the Weavers Plant are a bright Green with a subtle yellow in the veins of the leaves. The leaves are edible with a tart taste and provide 2 NU per pound.

The fibers that are spun into yarn or woven into rope are broken from the stems of the plant in a fashion similar to the way that linen is produced from flax. The fibers are very soft and are almost silky. They are also very strong.

There is a 90% chance of finding a Weavers Yarn Plant in the wild. There is a 100% chance of finding the stalks of the Weavers Yarn Plant in stores at P per pound.