Snowflake Lettuce

(Magical Element, Water rated MR 2)

This quick maturing plant is a refreshing and cleansing green that grows natively in the north of Azin, North Kenda, the north of Patronna, and northern Valinnia.

It has dark lacy green leaves that form tight round heads. The outer leaves are speckled with small white specks like a winter snow. As you get to the inner head, the leaves turn a solid deep forest green. The heart of the snowflake lettuce is the most prized for its rich restorative juices and exhilarating taste.

Snowflake Lettuce is especially useful in healing tonics. One quantity will add 3% to the effects of any cordials or balms containing it.

Snowflake lettuce is rated at 3 NU per pound and there is a 60% chance to find Snowflake Lettuce in the markets on any continent for 8 P per pound.