Pyre Rose

(magical materials Fire MR 3)

The second variety of the wasteland rose is known as Pyre Rose. As its name suggests it has the color of fire. The petals, which are cool to the touch, looks like a raging fire with its reds, oranges, and yellows. The colors shift in the petals, giving the illusion that they are made of fire. It is a common plant (85% chance of encounter). Not like its sister the Forlorn rose, the Pyre rose blooms throughout the entire year. An infant (0-2 years) Pyre rose plant will have 1 D10 2 blossoms on it, and will be 6 inches to 10 feet in length. An adult Pyre rose plant (3-15 years) will have 2 D10*2 blossoms on it, and will be 11 feet to 200 feet. An ancient Pyre rose plant (16 years and above) will have 6 D10*2 blossoms on it and will be more then 200 feet. Again, not like its sister, the Pyre rose is a climber. The Pyre rose will climb any vertical or horizontal surface. The longest Pyre rose discovered was over just over 1000 feet. The Pyre rose has many uses. Among the more interesting is a glass sphere (must be glass sphere) filled with petals from a Pyre and sprinkled with 1 quantity of oil (olive works the best) will illuminate and cast light (torchlight) for 2 D10 days. After the petals go dim they can be pressed into rose oil worth 190 p per pint. If the petals are still illuminating and are pressed into rose oil, the rose oil is worth 4 Cr. per pint. The rose oil from illuminating petals helps to heal scars and lacerations.

The oil takes 12 hours to work. The oil will heal 2 D10 points of damage for lacerations.