Sapphire Rose

(magical materials Water MR 2)

The third Variety is probably the most sought after rose next to the Silver and most difficult to find (10% chance of encounter). The Sapphire Rose as its name states is the color blue, a very deep blue. There are many legends about the Sapphire Rose of the Wasteland. This highly sought after flower has mystical powers. The two most popular legends of the Sapphire Rose are from different ideology.

The first is from the Holy Church of the one true god. It is said that God, to honor the mother of the savior, took one of her tears as she watched her son die for all humanity. He placed that tear in the wasteland so the people of the land would have hope.

The other legend is that the great wizard consortium was at war with the darkness. The consortium realized their greatest weapon was the natural beauty of this world. They used a perfect rose to symbolize the natural beauty. They defeated the darkness. The Consortium decided to use their magick to give the rose internal life. The rose turned the color of Sapphire.

In either case the Sapphire rose is one of the most beautiful of all flowering plants. The Sapphire Rose bush blooms all year round If one is lucky enough to find a Sapphire Rose, it is best to be gentle. The use of steel to cut the flower or stalk will instantly cause the flower to explode with the force of 8+1D10 points of concessive damage, in a 4-foot radius. The addition of a single petal to any healing salve will increase the healing effects by 2 points. The petals can be fashioned into a necklace. The necklace protects the wearer from all natural and magical fire. A necklace requires 15 flowers to make.

An infant Sapphire rose bush will have 1 D10 blossoms on it. An adult Sapphire rose bush will have 3 D10 blossoms on it. An ancient Sapphire rose bush will have 6 D10 blossoms on it. There is a legend that a single Sapphire Rose with stem (that is still living) can with stand and protect the holder from the breath of a Fire Dragon. To the authors knowledge this has never been tried. The thorns of the Sapphire Rose are hollow. Once the thorn pierces a creature's skin venom is released. It is similar to that of a giant web spider. 1 D10 quantities of venom can be collected (milked) from an infant Sapphire rose bush (0-5 years). 3 D10 quantities of venom can be collected (milked) from an adult Sapphire rose bush (6-15 years). 6 D10 quantities can be collected from an ancient Sapphire rose bush (16 years an older). The magical guilds list over 1000 uses for the Sapphire rose.