Snowball Plant

(magical element, Water rated at MR 3)

The Snowball plant grows in temperate to arid climates. It can grow anywhere. As long as the plants get enough water and sun, they are fine.

The plant is known for its shiny dark green oval leaves and fragrant pale yellow blossoms. The petals of the blossoms have an almost creamy texture to them and are known to be very good for the skin. Oils from the blossoms can be mixed with honey and glycerin to provide a popular skin lotion. Mature plants can grow as tall as twenty feet if conditions are favorable.

However, it is the fruit of the Snowball Tree that is its true claim to fame. The skin of this fruit is dimpled and white. When ripe, the fruit measures inch to 7 inches in diameter depending on the variety and has the color of fresh snow to a pale yellow. The rind of the Snowball fruit is tougher then other citrus fruits. The meat of the fruit is a firm creamy white and, unlike most citrus fruits, is the consistency of an apple. It is very tasty and has a flavor similar to lemon-orange sherbet.

A refreshing and very cooling juice can be pressed from the flesh of the Snowballs, as they are known. This juice is highly prized as a morning beverage, especially in Azin.

In the center of the Snowball, is its pit. These pits are highly prized by travelers. They are comprised of a long lasting sweet meat that one can carry in the mouth to relieve thirst. This is especially helpful for desert folk. The pit will last for a full day in the mouth when chewed, even if the user is traveling at an accelerated pace.

The NU Value of a Snowball Fruit
Size Comparison NU Value
Small Crabapple 2 NU
Medium Plum 3 NU
Average Orange 4 NU
Large Grapefruit 5 NU
Huge Ponderosa Lemon 6 NU

The Snowball plant can be found in the continents of Kenda, Cellenda, Vitainnia Mednadda and Xendarna as well as the island of Patrona.