Emerald Rose

(magical materials Earth MR 2)

The fourth variety of wasteland rose is the Emerald Rose. The Emerald Rose begins to bloom in the third month of the year and will continue to bloom until the ninth month of the year. As its name suggests the flowers of the Emerald Rose is the color of Emerald Green. The Emerald Rose bush can live the farthest away from the wasteland. Bushes have been found 3 miles away from the wasteland any further and the bushes will die. A legend of the Emerald Rose bush states that all of the flowers of all of the bushes will fall the day when the saint of all religions will pass on to the next world. The day Alyssa passed into the next world all of the Emerald Roses lost their flowers. Even before that day they have been associated with the divine. It is said that if one carries at least a single petal of a Emerald Rose that they will have a better protection against evil forces and the undead (-7% to their TSC%).

One can use all of the petals of a Emerald Rose flower as a bandage of wounds. After 24 hours 5 additional body points will be healed. After 48 hours 7 additional body points will be healed and after 72 hours and additional 9 body points will be healed for a total of 21 body points after three days.

One can make a brew with the petals of two Emerald Rose flowers that will restore of the body points taken by sickness or disease and will destroy the sickness within the body.