Desert Julep Berry

(magical element, Water rated at MR 4)

The Desert Julep Berry bush grows to a height of 4 to 6 feet and its width can measure 6 to 40 feet. The light green leaves of the bush cradle the berries that the bush is named for. These berries are sort after even in their native land. The brightly light blue to dark purple almost black berry is edible from the time they first bud. The leaves of the Desert Julep Berry bush protect the berries from predators until they are mature. The leaves secrete a clear milky liquid that causes severe skin and eye irritation to every known creature that has ever encountered. Over the ages some predators have learned to master the art of harvesting young Desert Julep Berries without harm. Once the berries are mature the leaves stop producing the liquid. The Desert Julep Berry bush is found in the deserts of the world and bloom twice a year. One can harvest 4 to 8 pounds mature berries from an average size bush. The Berries are rated at 6 NU per pound. Many cultures using the Desert Julep Berry create a sweet drink called Desert Nectar or Nectar of the Desert) or turn it into Desert Wine. The Desert Wine usually has 14% to 25% alcohol content

The Desert Julep Berry is found on the continent of Terla. Where there is a 60% chance to finding the Desert Julep Berry wild as long as you are not in the ocean of sand and a 95% chance it can be found in a shop on Terla. The Desert Julep Berry fetches a price of P per pound, 1 P per pint of good Wine and 1 P for Fine wind made with the Desert Julep Berry.

Outside the continent of Terla there is a 20% chance you will find the Desert Julep Berries at a cost of 10 P per pound, 20 P per pint of good wine and 60 P per pint for fine wine made with the Julep Berry.

In Azatar, Terralen, Kavendar, and the Realm of Sea Fair entire plantations near the Ocean of Sand are devoted to growing Desert Julep Berries