True Lead Rose

(magical Materials None MR 21)

The True Lead Rose is also known as the Alchemical Rose as it is the ideal Alchemical product. Many believe that the True Lead Rose is the counter balance to the Silver Rose and other magical roses found in the wasteland of Azin. Magick cannot be targeted within 5 feet x the number of Rose buds on the plant.

Many alchemists attempt to acquire a True Lead Rose bud as once cut they never wither. They only wither and decay back into the soil if they are left to wither on a plant naturally. If once creates a circle of True Lead Rose petals and places them (using rods, or sticks or string) above the circle and across the circle to form a dome magick cannot be targeted in the area within the True Lead Rose Petal Circle.

In addition magical effects are negated 3 feet x number of True Lead Rose flowers consisting of at least 6 petals each.

Some are know to acquire the petals of a True Lead Rose bush and grind them down into a powder. They will douse themselves with this powder if they believe they will go up against a user of magick as while they have the powder on them they cannot be the target of magick. Others will try to throw the powder onto a user of magick who will not be able to target until they bath and get the powder off their body.