The Pale Blue Rose

(MR4, Element Earth and Fire)

The Pale Blue Rose also known simply as the pale rose does not grow in many places, however where it does grow, it grows in abundance. Discoveries of 800 to over 1,000 acres of bushes have been found. The scent of this pleasant flower is not overpowering and is sought after to be used in perfumes and incense. Once the blossom is cut or falls off the stem, the petals of the Pale Blue Rose will remain intact for 50 days before they begin to decompose - unless they are dried or preserved.

If six petals from a Pale Blue Rose are steeped in a mixture of wood alcohol and then mixed and heated in a fine spirit for a day, a liquid substance will be created that takes on the odor and taste of the spirit it was heated in. This substance reduces a victim's willpower by 50% and, upon further usage, can cause delusions in the victim.

If three petals from a Pale Blue Rose are steeped in a mixture of pure water, a liquid is created that will reduce the pain or agony of any wound, injury, or aliment.

If one enchants 6 quantities of Pale Blue Rose blossoms and adds it to a mixture for wards or to the materials used to draw a circle of protection, then the duration of the ward or circle is doubled.

Fresh blossoms are worth 5 P per quantity, entire bushes for transplanting are worth 50 P each. The chance to find Pale Blue Roses in a shop is 35% and 18% in the wild.