Spice Nut Tree

(magical element, Fire rated at MR 4)

The Spice nut tree grows to a height of 10 to 12 feet and its width is 6 to 8 feet with yellow-green leaves. During the beginning of the growing season vines extend out from the leaves and form a husk. The husk protects a hard kernel, when matured this kernel can be harvested. This hard kernel has a unique taste that is a mixture of sweet pepper and Clove. The kernels are ground into a power and added as spice to meals. Some say the ground kernels of the Spice Nut Tree can be added to a soup to reduce fevers and congestion in the lungs If the dried Kernels are kept in a cool dry place they will remain fresh for up to two years. The Kernel of the Spice Nut Tree is rated at 4 NU per pound.

The Spice nut tree can be found on the continents of Kenda, Cellenda, Vitainnia Mednadda and Xendarna where there is a 45% chance of finding Spice Nut Trees in the wild and a 90% chance they can be found in a shop.

On the continents of Cellenda and Xendarna there are entire plantations devoted to growing Spice Nut Trees.