The Silver Rose

(magical materials all MR 2)

The most sought after of the Wasteland roses. The Silver Rose is only know to grow near a Mana pool, lake or deposit of liquid Mana (15% chance of an encounter with a silver rose near liquid Mana). The Silver Rose can only be harvested by an enchanted silver dagger. If any other item is used to harvest the Silver rose it will explode with 6D10 points of damage and with the requirement of a Liquid Mana deposit near by there is a significant chance that the Liquid Mana source will explode. The Silver Rose has several magical properties that include ¼ oz of Silver Rose flower petals counts as 4 magical materials in any magical device.

One can make a device of power of Greater circle of protection Vs. Undead, Lycanthropes and Supernatural that will only have a 14% chance of crossing the circle and if the Undead, Lycanthropes and Supernatural all of their actions suffer -40% to their TSC%. One will need to acquire 3 pounds of Silver Rose petals, enchant them to MR 0 and then place them into a glass sphere that has been reduced to MR 0. Add ¼ pint of olive oil that has been enchanted to MR 0. Then seal the glass sphere with a glass plug and bees wax that has been enchanted down to MR 0. Then take a mixture of Garlic (2 Q), Clove (1Q), Silver Dust (1Q) and 1 pint of red wine that has been enchanted down to MR 0. The creator needs to roll his/her TSC% in his/her mode. If the roll is a failure the entire mixture explodes with 3D10 points of energy damage.

One can use the petals of the Silver Rose plant to surround their home this will provide a -13% to an Undead, Lycanthropes and Supernatural creature’s willpower to enter into the house. The rose petals need to be replaced once a year.

One can take 3 petals from a Silver Rose and place it into wine, water or any type of drink. If the drink is poisoned it will turn Green-Black. If the drink is not poisoned it will not turn color.

These are but a few uses for the Silver Rose bush.