Lavender Rose

(Magical Element: none. It cannot be enchanted)

The Lavender Rose is also known as the Purple Rose, the Royal Rose, and the Rose of Faith among the different cultures of Alquennas. The Lavender Rose has a green stem and leaves with pale to deep lavender in color petals, thus its name the Lavender Rose. It cannot be enchanted and has a natural Magical resistance of 20.

8 petals provide 50% protection against undead
4 petals add 5% to AOF SC
8 petals provides 25% protection against the Fae
8 petals increases one’s MR by 20
10 feet x number of Lavender Rose bushes of a non magical area

8 petals made into a mixture with garlic will reduce fevers for 1 day. This will not cure the fever. This effect does not work on Red or Crimson Fever.

12 petals made into a mixture with pure water will reduce all fevers include the Red and Crimson Fevers, for ½ D10 days. It will not cure the fever.

If 12 petals are made into a mixture with pure water and the Algo Root, it will cure one person of Red Fever and any variant of Red Fever. It will only reduce Crimson Fever for 1d10 days.

If one mixes 8 crushed Lavender Rose petals with garlic into a fine powder, the powder can be used against any user of magick. Once it is cast upon them, they will not be able to cast or target magick until they get all of the powder off of them.

A circle of Lavender Rose petals denies undead from entering the circle. The undead can attempt to make a willpower roll - 50% to enter the circle of Lavender Rose petals. If successful, the undead will have a -50% to all of their actions while they remain in the circle of Lavender Rose petals.

A Lavender Rose Bush and a Silver Rose Bush planted next to each other will provide complete protection against undead. For every pair of Lavender and Silver Rose bushes, undead cannot approach within 10 feet. The protective effect is cumulative. If there are two pairs of Lavender and Silver Rose bushes, the undead can not get within 20 feet and so on

The Lavender Rose can be found in the wild on the Cellenda, Fyngel, Bryagel, Kenda, and Mednadda continents. The chance to find a wild Lavender Rose bush in these continents is 15% except for Cellenda where it is 35%. Attempts to export the Lavender Rose bushes to other continents have failed with the exception to Terla by the Duchess of Kent.

There is a 40% chance that you will find Lavender Rose petals in a shop. In the shops, dried Lavender Rose Petals sell for ½ Cr per pound and fresh Lavender Rose petals sell for ¾ Cr per pound. Please note that if one uses dried Lavender Rose petals, they will need to double the quantity required.