1047 - The Year in Review

1st day of the year: Mid-winter’s day

The wedding between the Haeflin Duke Tollan’s daughter Lorden and Tobin, the son of King Jorggan of Curerria is held at the Keep of Kent.

2nd day of the year

The Kent 1st Guard and the Aurora 3rd Mounted take the field to do battle in Field Ball. After four hours the two teams are tied at four points each. It should be noted that the regulation play is only one hour. The Duchess of Kent declares both teams victorious.

3rd day of the year

The Duke of Dresden sends a herald to the Duchess of Kent with a message.

4th day of the year

The peace emissary of the Pope returns to the Holy City. The Pope dispatches a Summons to King Rene’ Nari’ pf Azin.

5th day of the year

The Duchess of Kent summons a group of Adventurers.

6th day of the year

Raiders have been attacking border towns and outposts in Azatar and Kavendar on their common border.

7th day of the year

A company of Loryn's Own (Azatar troops) has been sent to the border with Kavendar to put a stop to the raiders. En route to the border, they encounter a small village, which had recently been razed to the ground.

8th day of the year

Kavendar reports 250 of their protectors have been killed by raiders long their border with Azatar. Duke Canvars the leader of Kavendar orders the activation of the Kavendar defense forces on land and sea.

9th day of the Year

A party from Azin discovers an ancient tomb that once held Reapers. They discover in the tomb a stone that may offer the key to translating ancient texts. The stone is now in the hands of the Duchess of Kent.

11th day of the year

A heavy column of mounted armored troops marched into the border town of Gedma. Gemda is in the country of Tra-Len on the continent of Kenda. The mounted warriors informed the inhabitants of Gedma that they now are under the protection of the 4th Morder Free Company. The government of Tra-Len sent a negotiator to the border town. Gedma is on the Tra-Len border with Ne’ Tal.

12th day of the year

The company of Loryn’s Own manage to capture three human raiders from whom they learn that the enemy is a bunch of separatist rebels attempting to build a sovereign state in north Kavendar and south Azatar; but would rather die than divulge the location of their forward base. They also learn that the rebels are waiting for help to arrive.

13th day of the year

The company of Loryn’s Own takes heavy casualties while searching for the rebel base. The Tra-len negotiator is sent back to the capital in several small baskets.

Duke Morder formerly of Vivandar (country on the continent of Mednadda) denies that he sent one of his 18 free companies to Tra-Len. Duke Morder has had some unpleasant dealings with several governments on the continent of Kenda, especially the governments of Tra-Len and Ne’Tel.

14th day of the year

The Realm of Sea Fair under the treaty with Azatar and Kavendar sends a squadron of warships to assist in defeating the rebels.

15th day of the year

It is rumored that a band of mercenaries has traveled from southern Kallor through Kavendar to the city of Artiman. After a few days they left heading North West towards the border of Azatar. They were lead by a Talis trained Knight known as Joshua Stagan who has 5,000 mercenaries at his command. The mercenaries have been recruited from many nations throughout the world, except for the country of Talis.

Note about the city of Artiman:
The city Artiman is located at the juncture where Kavendar, Azatar and Ariddia meet on the Lizan River as it flows from Craven Mar (Finger of God) mountain range. The city is an open trading city of 400,000 inhabitants. The city is a hub for trading, smuggling and information about the region.

The Lizan River navigates the eastern edge of Kavendar and is the border between Azatar and the Realm of the Azul-Valley.

The city is lush from the fertile fields that drink from the Lizan River and rich with goods, spices and silks from the trade. The city is ruled by Sultan Jawhar (jewel or Gem) the third. As long as his rule or profits are not in danger he will let anything occur in his city state. He is a believer in the faith of Azatar, someone what secular but nerveless a believer.

16th day of the year

The Kavendar Master Protector is killed in battle with the rebels.

Azin offers Azatar and Kavendar humanitarian aid during this rebel crisis. Azin will not commit troops as it is an internal issue.

17th day of the year

Troops from the Kingdom of Pinewood along with the Tra-Len army assault and retake the town of Gedma.

19th day of the year

After a two day battle the town of Gedma is taken from the 4th Morder Free Company at a very high cost. It is reported that the Kingdom of Pine wood and Tra-Len lost over 800 soldiers as well as nearly three quarters of Gedma’s population of 900 souls. The 4th Morder Free Company was able to withdraw in good order only sustaining 35 casualties. The whereabouts of the 4th Morder Free Company is unknown. Some believe that they were able to escape through the forests over the border to Ne’Tel.

20th day of the year

The following is a letter was sent to and received by Duke Canvars on the 20th day of the year.

My Dear Neighbor Duke Canvars, Representative to the Eighth Sphere.

As I am sure you know, a group of brigands has been ravaging your countryside and has recently cross our border to terrorize my lands. A unit of the Azatar military has encountered a small band of these brigands and forced them to rout, retreating over the border. Their nature is not that of brigands and highwaymen, but that of rebels. They call themselves the Red Turbans and seek to create a sovereign state consisting of both of our lands.

As this letter makes its way to you, further units of the Azatar military are sweeping the lands on our side of the border to flush out these rebels. If you offer us the right of military trespass, we will eradicate the rebel forces from the face Terla.

Furthermore, Azatar pledges to provide 5 tons of barley, 4 of wheat, 2 of millet and 2 of rice to help replace crops destroyed by the Red Turbans, on the condition that Kavendar refuse aid attempts from Azin.

High Sultan Loryn Corborel of Azatar
Caliph of the Azatar Faith
Liberator of Terla
Sovereign of the House of Kel

21st day of the New Year

A letter addressed to the High Sultan Loryn Corborel of Azatar was sent by Duke Canvars of the Eighth Sphere of Haeflin Influence

My Good Sultan

I write to you to you on this day, Gathering (day of the week) the twenty-first day of Slumber (first month of the year) to thank you for your kind offer to provide compensation from the so called rebels. It has disturbed my council greatly on the condition that goes with this compensation. The condition has raised several questions within the council of Kavendar.

The appearance of this condition has lead to some of the council members to conclude that since there rebels are mostly human that a human government might be behind the so rebel’s motives. I do not believe that Azatar is behind these attacks however my council members have a good point that these so called rebels are human and have received mercenary help in the way of human, dwarven and centaur troops.

Until the shadows of these rebels are brought out into the sun the sovereign state of Kavendar will not be accepting any aid from any human controlled country. There is a single exception to this; the Realm of Sea Fair has been our allies, trading partners and friends for decades. Their navel power is at our disposal until this current crisis is resolved.

I am required by good manners to inform you and the rest of Terla that the country of Kavendar has contracted out its northern and western border security to several companies of the Free Cadden Companies. They will start to arrive in the next few days and should be on the border by the end of the week.

With respect and may your wells never run dry

Duke Canvars
Lord of the Eighth Sphere of Haeflin Influence
Defender of knowledge

A letter addressed to the High King Rene’ Nari King of Azin and her settlements was sent by Duke Canvars of the Eighth Sphere of Haeflin Influence

My Dear High King

It has been a long time since we have seen each other and a great deal has changed. My admiration for you and your family has not changed, however the unknowns of the political nightmare I now find myself does not offer me the convince or luxury of basing my decisions or the decisions for my people on friendship alone. To this end I am sorry the free people of Kavendar can not accept the aid that Azin or any alliance country offers at this time.

When the shadows are defeated by light and the intentions of the heart are truly known maybe the free people of Kavendar will be able to raise the flag of national friendship once more.

With respect and may your journey be short and pleasant

Duke Canvars
Lord of the Eighth Sphere of Haeflin Influence
Defender of knowledge

22nd day of the year

A land quake occurred near the haeflin city of Kreeden on the continent of Bryagel. Reports indicated that only minor injures and very little property damaged occurred during the land quake.

23rd day of the year

A caravan traveling to Tra-Len through the Kingdom of Pinewood on the continent of Kenda was attacked and destroyed. The only survivor reported that the attackers where haeflin infiltrator protectors more than three score of them. They came out of forest akin to ghosts rising from the grave. The caravan was carrying trade goods and grains to the people of Tra-Len.

The Government of the Fifth Sphere of Haeflin Influence (the only haeflin government on Kenda) denied any involvement in the attack on the caravan. Furthermore the Government of the Fifth Sphere of Haeflin Influence stated that they do not even employ haeflin infiltrator protectors.

24th day of the year

Fishermen off the coast of Frenton on the continent of Fyngel ran into a metal container. The container is 12 feet long and three feet wide. The metal container was floating just below the surface of the water.

25th day of the year

The Elven Queen of the Kingdom of Pinewood survived an assassination attempt early on the 25th day of the year. The assassins attempted to kill her with a poison tipped heavy crossbow bolt fired at her when she took her morning walks in the garden of her keep. The main question that is on her mind as well as her personal guard is how did the assassins manage to get the heavy crossbow within her keep?

The Leader of the One True God announced today that he will be holding a peace summit between the Alliance of Nations and Terla to be held on mid-summers on the Isle of Three Sisters.

27th day of the year

The Council of Four that control Tra-Len orders the closing of all religious centers of worship that are not of the state religion. This causes an outrage among many non-elven people of Tra-Len. The Council of Four blames the recent issues with mercenaries as a result of the country’s lack of faith and respect. The Council of Four enforces this order by deploying the Tra-Len home guard to carry out their orders. The Council of Four orders the construction of prisons to hold those that disobey their wishes.

30th day of the year

The Dwarven State of Stone’s Rising on the continent of Mednadda report that they discovered a tomb of a creature that measured over 18 feet in length and walked on two legs. The dwarves will not provide any additional information on the discovery.

33rd day of the year

The countries of Azatar and Kavendar have agreed to and signed a treaty that would permit their armies to cross each others borders when pursuing the Rebel forces known as the Red Turbans.

35th day of the year

Forces under Duke Tully while escorting a caravan to the city of Freehold were attacked in the Wasteland of Azin. The attackers made the mistake of using magick as a mana storm approached. The fire ball the attacking mage attempted to launch incinerated most of the attacking force. The rest of the attacking force fled as Duke Tully’s forces charged.

37th day of the year

Konung Horgn Har (King Tall Iron) announces to the world that his wife has given birth to twin girls. The oldest by four minutes is named Gallison after Alquennas the other is named Ximena which means heroine in the ancient tongue of the ancestors.

38th day of the year

The sanctuary at Ganit on the Southern Shield was attacked by Reapers. The details are sketchy at best. What is known is that over 200 inhabitances of Ganit were killed in the attack by an unknown number of Reapers.

40th day of the year

Caleb the Shadow the Ruling Mage of the Gregorian Wizard’s council invites mages from all over the world to a meeting of magick to be held after the first harvests in Gregoria on the continent of Mednadda.

41st day of the year

The Horde announces they are testing a new merchant ship, the largest every built. The ship is said to be over 600 feet long and can carry 10 times of cargo as a converted Wraith class ship.

42nd day of the year

The country of Azin and the country of Talis in a show of good faith for the up coming peace summit exchange prisoners of war. Azin releases 8,000 Talis soldiers at the southern border of Talis. Talis releases 3,900 Azin soldiers that were in captivity. Talis explains that due to the embargo several of the Azin soldiers that were in captivity die of starvation as has many of the civilian population of Talis.

43rd day of the year

The Isle of Trista declares its independence from the kingdom and the King of Verdar. The inhabitances of Trista are following one of their chiefs Braden of the forest. The former governor of the Isle of Trista was sent back to Verdar without his head. Braden of the forest announces that he has been chosen by the people of Trista to lead them and has taken the title of Chieftain of Trista. He declares that the borders of the Isle of Trista are now closed to everyone.

44th day of the year

It is reported that the Chieftain of Trista has ordered all foreigners arrested and jailed in the quarries. The Chieftain of Trista welcomes this new workforce to the quarries and mines.

45th day of the year

A great deal has occurred on this day with regards to the Island of Trista. Among these occurrences are:
The Island of Trista signs a non-aggression agreement with Azin.
The Island of Trista signs a non-aggression agreement with Talis.
The Island of Trista turns down entry into the Alliance of Nations
The Island of Trista signs a trade partner agreement with Talis which gives Talis access to use all of the ship fields and harbors on the Island of Trista.
Trista has outlawed the practice of the following religions
The Children of God
The Faith of the One True God
The Faith of Azatar
The Faith of the Circle
Trista has successfully requested military aid from Talis
Trista offer a reward of 50 Crowns for the capture of the traitor Maximillion Robin Cortan the son of the former prince of Trista.

46th day of the year

The Azin Western Oceans Fleet under the command of Admiral Dietrich Thames also known as “The Sea Wolf” Encounter the Talis first expeditionary fleet and the Talis 3rd Expeditionary Fleet in the Sea of Tra-Len which lies between the continent of Kenda and the Island nation of Trista. The Talis fleets attempted to blockade the Azin fleet to no avail. The Sea Wolf was first perplexed on how The Talis Navy managed to rebuilt two of its fleets and train the sailors to man those ships in less then one year. Moments after the first engagement started the Sea Wolf had his answer most of the ships were poorly constructed and their crew were all green. The battle lasted 4 hours with only one Azin ship being damaged to the point that it needed to be towed by long ships.

47th day of the year

The wife to the Military Governor of Lords gives birth to a Daughter. She is given the name of Katarina Ysa Mikhaila Ellime’ Tully

49th day of the year

The Talis merchant convoy off of Kenda is destroyed by an unknown force. It is reported that the merchant convoy had 400 merchant ships heading towards Kenda to trade silks for grain and currency. All the ships and hands onboard are listed as lost at sea.

50th day of the year

Talis Emperor Carr announces the promotion of Timothy Daten Verdan “the Condor” to Marshal of the Fields for all of the military forces of Talis

51st day of the year

The Field Marshal of Talis orders the construction of 300 warships. The Field Marshal justifies this action as a response to the destruction of the Kenda merchant convoy that was lost.

52nd day of the year

Talis’ Field Marshal drafts a letter to the court of Azin

To the Crown of Azin

Recent events have caused a hardship for thousands of families in Talis. I am a humble servant of my people and to honor my role I must beseech the crown of Azin for help. It will be several months before the Talis navy can defend any of the remaining Talis merchant ships in force. My request is simple. If the good crown of Azin can assist our merchant ships of the territories controlled by Azin it will ensure the hardships that have occurred will not be repeated.

Thank you for your time and understanding in this matter.

Timothy Daten Verdan

53rd day of the year

A squadron of ships from Azin and Kenda are reported missing. Among the passengers is Delfina Elizabeth Nari’ who is the cousin to Rene’ Nari’ High King of Azin.

54th day of the Year

Rene’ Nari’ agrees to protect Talis ships that are in waters controlled by Azin.

58th day of the year

The Dwarves of the Iron Tower report that they successfully defeated 30 Reapers. The Dwarves continue to state that they took heavy casualties. The Dwarves of the Iron Tower lost their 2nd and 3rd Guard. It should be noted that on paper a Dwarven Guard unit has 900 Dwarven soldiers.

65th day of the year

A land quake damaged the Open City in Terla. It has been reported that 800 are dead and several thousands are injured. Terralen, Azatar and the Realm of Sea Fair have sent assistance to the open city.

70th day of the year

The Realm of Sea Fair announces that all of their current treaties with all of the countries of Terla have expired. As of this moment they are null and void. The Realm of Sea Fair will begin new treaty negotiations on the 110th day of the year.

75th day of the year

The Island of Trista has announced that they are preparing to join the Talis Alliance. Trista stated that it will continue with all of its current contracts and will accept new contracts. However, members of the Talis Alliance will receive a discount on new contracts.

80th day of the year

A massive explosion occurring near the Northern Shield has been reported by the inhabitants of the Northern Shield. They have sent out a team to investigate.

90th day of the year

The Heralds of the Horde announce that there is a new heir to the Horde throne. The Chieftain’s wife (known as Am (AUM)) gave birth to a healthy son. The Heralds carry invites to the naming ceremony to be held in 10 days

100th day of the year

The Naming Ceremony is held without issue. The Child is named for Ku-Rok his uncle who died defending the Clan

101st day of the year

The Trackers of Azin present evidence to the crown that Talis used human sacrifices to appease the God of the island of Trista. Among the victims was the missing Lady, Delfina Elizabeth Nari’, cousin to King Rene’ Nari’ High King of Azin.

102nd day of the year

King Rene’ sends a letter to the Pope after he orders his forces to pacify Talis once and for all. He orders Grand Fleet Admiral, Dietrich Thames known as “The Sea Wolf” who is the commander of the Western Ocean Fleet to take the region known as the Sheltered Sea. He orders Grand Admiral Rebecca Stevens, who is the commander of the Southern Oceans Fleet, to take the capital of Talis. Both fleets have been anchored off Talis, a move that now seems very prudent.

Grand Admiral Stevens’ fleet is ferrying the Saurian first, second, third and fourth scale heavy infantry. Using her gate portal ships, she launches the attack at 03:00 in the morning, local time. Within 40 minutes there are more than three thousand Saurians pouring out of the gate portal in the capital city of Talis. Many are wondering how Azin gained access to the gate portal inside the capital city of Talis.

103rd day of the year

The Azin Western Ocean Fleet entered the Sheltered Sea just past midday. As the last ship entered into the Sheltered Sea, reports state there was a bright light followed by a wave of wind. The fleet was gone and the coast lines were on fire anything that could burn did so. It is unknown if anyone in the fleet survived

The city of Aroria and the island that the city is located on is annexed by the Duchess of Kent for the country of Azin.

104th day of the year

Lord Tooley, constable of Azin & High Minster of Justice creates a warrant to bring Rodden Carr to justice. Rene’ Nari’ signs the warrant even before the ink is dry upon it. The Royal Warrant states that Rodden Carr is to be brought to the Hall of Justice alive or dead.

Heavy fighting is continuing in the southern part of Talis. The Azin Third and Fourth Heavy Cavalry land on the northern coast of Talis where they are met by thousands of Talis soldiers surrendering. Most have not had any food for three days. The commander of the third offers the Talis soldiers food and water as long as they will not take up arms against any Azin or Alliance forces.

The Bryagel Lancers join the Saurians inside the capital.

105th day of the year

The Pope sends out hundreds of Heralds with a message for Rodden Carr. The message states that if he surrenders, the church will provide an advocate for him and will do what they can for him.

106th day of the year

The Capital city of Talis, known as Corbas, is now under the control of Alliance forces. Rodden Carr and his family escaped. It is presumed they escaped to the island nation of Trista.

108th day of the year

The Saurians in Talis make a horrific discovery. They locate mass graves a few miles north of Corbas. They are filled with humans, elves, dwarves, haeflins and centaur remains. The number of bodies is over five thousand.

109th day of the year

The Island of Trista expels all foreign dignitaries, ambassadors, and citizens from its shore

110th day of the year

The island of Trista is surrounded by storms rogue waves and created spiked reefs. Ships can not come within four miles of the coast of Trista.

111th day of the year

The Duchess of Kent with King Rene’ Nari’s permission appoints Bannerette Alexandra Brina Warna as the noble encharge of the island city state of Aroria. Alexandra served the Tully household after her father was killed. It is rumored that Duke Morder had a hand in her father’s death but there has never been enough evidence to support the allegation. Alexandra commanded the 7th Heavy Mounted Force and was responsible for managing the Tully’s southern providence.

113th day of the year

The Independent States of Kallor have signed a nonaggression pact with the island nation of Trista.

115th day of the year

Lord Mayor Pratt travels back to his city of Aroria with the first inhabitance the city state has had in over 400 years. It should be noted that the island city state is roughly 30 miles wide by 20 miles long.

116th day of the year

An attempt on the Pope’s life was foiled by Saurian Trackers of Azin in the early hours of the 116th day of the year. It appears that several companies of Arkons were sent to assassinate the Pope. The diligence of the Saurians saved the Pope’s life.

118th day of the year

The country of Talis signs the articles of surrender. With the absence of the Talis Emperor Rodden Carr, Marshal of the Fields Timothy Daten Verdan “the Condor” signs the articles for Talis.

119th day of the year

As part of the articles of surrender Marshal of the Fields Timothy Daten Verdan goes into exile on the island of Trista.

120th day of the year

It is announced by the Isle of Trista that former Talis Alliance will now be known as The Confederation of Trista. All of the other members agree to this change.

125th day of the year

Kartar of Tra-Len announces that his faction has joined the Confederation of Trista

129th day of the year

A hurricane off the coast of the Realm of Sea Fair caused tidal surges along the country’s entire cost line. After the storm surge was over, it was discovered that an uncountable number of loose raw diamonds were found on the shores of Sea Fair. The government has taken steps to ensure the proper use and distribution of the diamonds.

130th day of the year

Government officials from the Realm of Sea Fair contact the Azin engineering guild to discuss a long-term contract. The Guild will be sending a team of negotiators to the country of Sea Fair.

133rd day of the year

Forces under the Duchess of Kent captured Rodden Carr as he tried to hide from authorities. Additional details have not been provided.

134th day of the year

Rodden Carr is tried in the high court of Azin and demands trial by combat. After taking a short recess to discuss Rodden Carr’s request, the Crown of Azin grants the request. The trial by combat will be held on the morning of the 135th day of the year. The High Minister of High Justice for the Realm of Azin and her Settlements, Lord Saint Christopher Gabriel Tooley, appoints Sir Ira of Kent to act as champion for the Crown of Azin in this matter.

135th day of the year

The Trial of Rodden Carr The Marshal of the Fields for the trial by combat of Rodden Carr is Sir Erich Michael Tully. He verified that the combatants were equally matched in weapons and abilities. Both parties agreed to allow the death of one to judge the outcome of the trial. Sir Erich announced these findings one half hour before the trial by combat began. Rodden Carr struck the first blow. However, in the end, neither innocence, justice, nor God were on his side as Sir Ira of Kent concluded the trial with a well-placed blow to Rodden Carr’s helm. This blow killed him instantly.

136th day of the year

Drusilla Drina Dristi, master merchant of Moshven, returns home from negotiations with Trista. She informs the Military Governess of Moshven that Trista’s new government has decided to cancel all contracts and trade agreements with the sovereign state of Moshven.

140th day of the year

Kemply Andor, High Negotiator of Azin, travels to Talis to begin trade negotiations between Azin and the new government of Talis

143rd day of the year

The Military Governor of Valinnia, Duncan Tully, requests the assistance of the Duchess of Kent concerning a recent appearance to his lands. Duncan Tully believes it concerns the Reapers.

144th day of the year

The Duchess of Kent sends a party to investigate the “appearance” south of the city of Dresden and then report their findings.

145th day of the year

Cragor Vistor, Battle Mage of Gregoria, announces his intentions to challenge the entire Wizard’s Council that controls Gregoria for rule of the country. Cragor informed the bard that is spreading this news that he has lost all confidence in the ruling council and was taking this action to protect the citizens of Gregoria and all of the realms of Alquennas. Cragor also informed the bard that the Wizard Council of Rule has requested a meeting with him on the 230th day of the year in an open forum to discuss his concerns. Cragor agreed to this meeting and hoped that all of his concerns could be addressed at the meeting. The bard reported that he was encouraged to spread this news as far and wide as possible as Cragor wished the challenge to be open and honorably witnessed.

147th day of the year

The party from Kent sent to investigate the “appearance” discovers a fortified holding area that is underground south of the city of Dresden. The holding area contains a great number of dormant Reapers. The party from Kent collects as much information as they can and they head back towards Dresden to report.

149th day of the year

Forces under the command of the Duke of Dresden converged on the fortified holding area of the Reapers. The area was taken by surprise, which reduced the number of casualties on the Duke’s forces. The Duke’s forces suffered 593 casualties destroying the Reapers.

155th day of the year

Pirates operating in the South Kenda Sea were surprised while they were attacking a merchantman 30 miles north of Trista. Three squadrons of Horde Warships commanded by the Chieftain of the Obsidian Shark Clan of the Horde seemed to appear out of nowhere. The three pirate ships were captured and are under tow to a port in Kenda to be turned over to the authorities.

157th day of the year

The country of Gemston, home of the Dwarven Clan of Thunder’s Song, located on the continent of Fyngel announces that they are opening up their borders with their Elven neighbors.

160th day of the year

The Military Governor of Valinnia, Duncan Tully, sends a party from the city of Lords to investigate another “appearance”. This time the “appearance” is south of Harborview.

163rd day of the year

The party from Lords discovered an abandoned castle that is of an unusual design. As the party began to investigate, they discovered several unusual items and fine wines. The party believes they encountered Saint Bridget in this castle.

164th day of the year

The 3rd column from Katrina Abbey meets up with the party from Lords and will escort the items they discovered back to Kent. The party is given a message that needs to go to the Military Governor of Valinnia, Duncan Tully.

166th day of the year

Rumors from the southeast of Valinnia reach the city of Lords. The rumors state that the enemy has a foothold in Valinnia.

167th day of the year

The Military Governor of Valinnia sends a party to investigate the rumors of a foothold.

173rd day of the year

The party from Lords dispatches a message back to Military Governor Tully informing him that they have found further evidence of Reaper activities. Several villages have been shattered and hundreds have been killed in the typical Reaper fashion.

177th day of the year

The party from Lords sends another message back to Military Governor Tully informing him that the land is being altered somehow.

178th day of the year

Governor Duncan Tully begins to mobilize his forces and sends heralds to his vassals informing them of the current situation.

180th day of the year

The party from Lords discovered a Gate Portal made of metal that had been set up in an underground “lair”. The party destroyed the gate portal and freed prisoners held by the enemy.

185th day of the year

Reports from the city of Theabs indicated that a necromancer and its minions attempted to assault the temple of the Oracle of Terla to kill the Oracle. As they began their attack, a young woman with raven hair walked in front of the attackers who just defeated the city guards. The young woman offered the necromancer the chance to surrender. The necromancer just laughed. The young woman then stated for all to hear: “I want the record to show that I gave this creature the chance to surrender and it just laughed at my generous offer.” The young woman took a single step back, clapped her hands together and commanded. ”I am the Vanguard, and I command you to go back to Hell from where you came and to which you belong!” As her words echoed off the walls of the city buildings, the necromancer and its minions were vaporized by a blue flame. The young woman dropped to her knees gasping for air. Moments later, she recovered and simply stood and walked away.

189th day of the year

Soldiers of Lord Tully combed the countryside looking for the remains of the force that had a “foothold” in Valinnia. They only found liquefied remains of over 300 Reapers.

190th day of the year

Morgan of the Circle denounces the attempt on the Oracle of Terla’s life and offers the Oracle sanctuary within her area of influence.

191st day of the year

The Oracle sends a message to Morgan of the Circle thanking her for her kind offer; however, she cannot leave the city under any circumstances.

193rd day of the year

The city of Dawn on the continent of Mednadda (four days travel from the city of Lords) is attacked by Fire and Arcane Mages. The city is home to the Engineering University of the Alliance. As the engineering mages prepared their defenses, three young women with raven hair walked between the attackers and the city wall. The three women offered the attackers the change to surrender. The attackers laughed and began their assault. The three women defended the city and defeated the Fire and Arcane mages at a high price - one of the three was killed. The remaining Fire and Arcane mages attempted to flee. Those that could not killed themselves. After the battle, the two young women simply picked up their comrade and left.

194th day of the year

Heralds proclaim that House Smithman rulers of Traden on the Mednadda continent have been assassinated. The family was poisoned. The assassins left their calling card of a single black rose. House Smithman and Traden belonged to the Confederation of Trista.

195th day of the year

Heralds report that House Karden the ruling family of the country of Verdar on the continent of Kenda have bee assassinated in the same method as house Smithman assassination. Both families were poisoned. It should also be noted that house Karden and Verdar belonged to the Alliance.

199th day of the year

The Council of Rule for the Country of Tra-len blames the alliance for the assassinations. They stated that if the alliance would stop its warring ways that peace would blossom on the planet.

200th day of the year

High Chieftain Dur-Rok of the Horde sends a letter to the Council of Rule for the country of Tra-Len. In the letter it reminds Tra-Len that they were the aggressors in an armed conflict earlier this year and it was the Alliance that requested peace as the war mongering Trllies (slang for people of Tra-Len) set off to conquer their neighbors.

201st day of the year

The Horde 1st Grand Pack (fleet) and 2nd Grand Pack (fleet) leave their ports with a northerly heading for what the Horde is calling normal fleet activities.

202nd day of the year

The Azin Northern Fleet leaves its port heading Due north.

203rd day of the year

The Azin Eastern Fleet sets sail to patrol the area of the Sea of Kenda. They will join the Horde 4th and 5th Grand Packs in patrolling the area in and around the sea of Kenda. (The sea of Kenda stats on the south coast of Kenda and travels down to include the Island nation of Trista). Some argue that this will interfere with Trista’s ability to use her fleets.

210th day of the year

The Oracle of Terla sends the Duchess of Kent a message. The messenger that is sent to the Duchess of Kent is the most experienced and trusted aid of the Oracles.

215th day of the year

The Bryagel 1st Ocean Expeditionary force (fleet) leaves its harbors and sails due north.

220th day of the year

Using magick and working their crews hard the Azin and Horde fleets arrive 800 miles from the north pole of Alquennas. There they find the Azin Western Fleet that was under the control of Grand Admiral Dietrich Thames better known as the Seawolf. All the ships are accounted for. The ships are not damaged in any way or fashion; however all of the crews are missing. The ships are anchored in the natural harbor known as The Harbor of Saint Christopher. The fleet from Bryagel will arrive on the 235th day of the year

235th day of the year

Heralds from Kenda travel to all of the Alliance and Horde realms. The heralds carry a message from the Knight General of Kenda Radnor Banes. The messages state’s that Kendan forces encountered a Master Wight and 60 Wight Warriors emerging from the shore line. After a fashion the Wights and their master were destroyed. The Knight General is concerned about the attack, however the Knight General is disturbed by the armor, tabards and clothing the Wights were wearing. The Tabards and insignias identify them as soldiers of the Alliance that fought to retake the city of Dresden. It was the Knight General’s understanding that all soldiers that died to retake Dresden were given a proper burial in holy ground. If this was true then how could they have become Wrights?

236th day of the year

Rene’ Nari’ orders the High Minster of High Justice for the Realm of Azin to investigate this matter. All of the alliance nations follow suit.

240th day of the year

Trista offers a bounty on an escaped prisoner who can be identified with a branded lower case t on his right forearm. They are offering 10 Crowns for his return.

245th day of the year

News from Gregoria; on the 230th day of the year the Wizard’s council met with Cragor Vistor to hear his grievances. The meeting never began as Cragor took the wizard’s council hostage. The defense forces of Gregoria managed to rescue all of the hostages on the 244th day of the year. Unfortunately Cragor Vistor escaped.

247th day of the year

Reports indicated that a Water Elemental stormed the Keep at Water’s End the fortress on Azin’s Western Coast. The Water Elemental was defeated but not until the wall of the otter ward was destroyed. There isn’t any word on casualties.

250th day of the year

The Great Elves of Bryagel report that an explosion caused a massive cave in at the hall of wonders (also known as the cavern of history). The Great Elves report that it will take weeks to dig out the cave entrance as they cannot utilize magick or risk damaging the cave contents. The Elves report that 60 Bryagel and 20 foreign scholars were killed in the cave in.

251st day of the year

Rene’ Nari’ sends siege engineers to Bryagel to help them dig out the cave.

253rd day of the year

The Realm of Sea Fair announces that it will no longer trade or transport diamonds to any realm or individual that does not have a contract with the Realm of Sea Fair. The only two realms that have a contract is the Horde of Alquennas and the Country of Azin and her Settlements. In addition new contracts will not be negotiated until mid winter’s day of TK 1048.

254th day of the year

A Bryagel ship’s crew of an Elven Fast Sloop reported that they saw a ship without masts with three sets of oarsmen on the open ocean. The ship was not flying any colors. As the Bryagel ship turned to intercept the mastless ship the mastless ship increased speed and pulled away from the Elven Fast Sloop. The Elves gave chase for over five hours until the unusual ship went over the horizon.

255th day of the year

The provisional government of Katonnan holds their first assembly. This is the first governmental assembly of any type for Katonnan in over six years. The first order of business that the provisional government attends to is to out law necromancy and any necromantic arts. Anyone caught in the act of any sort of necromancy will be quartered and then their remains will be burned.

257th day of the year

The Katonnan Provisional government signs a trade agreement with Dresden and Azin.

258th day of the year

Merchant Guilds Master Memme’ Thoman leads the first caravan of trade goods from Katonnan lands to Dresden.

259th day of the year

The Cimmeran Trade Fleet from Cimmeran to Gemsten is reported destroyed by a great storm. A survivor of this tragedy report that they did not see any sign of a storm approaching until it was too late. Some of the survivors believe that some of the ships were his by rogue waves. The Horde and Alliance navel authorities dismiss this notion of rogue waves.

260th day of the year

The Trista Confederation signs a trade agreement with the government of Katonnan.

265th day of the year

Wreckage from the Cimmeran Trade washed up on the shores of Bryagel. The sea elves at Bryagel state that thee debris from the ship’s hulls were torn apart in many directions not just one. The sea elves believe the stories of rogue waves. They cannot prove how rogue waves occur naturally, but they provide a method to create them though magick.

266th day of the year

Lord Byron Cardmar of Kenda is found dead just inside the gates of the city of Freehold. The physicians at Freehold list his death as a drowning. King Rene’ sends an investigator to Freehold to discover how a man can die of drowning in a desert.

268th day of the year

Lord Duncan Tully of Lords announces that his wife his pregnant and is due to deliver in six months.

270th day of the year

The government of Traden offers the Katonnan nation a trade agreement. The Katonnan nation accepts the offer.

274th day of the year

Reports from Kisda state that Cragor Vistor and party of humans that number in the hundreds were sighted off the cost in converted Wraith class ships.

278th day of the year

The Azin and Bryagel navy announce the floating of the first Triumph class ship. The ship is named Katrina’s Honor

280th day of the year

It is reported that three senators from the Independent States of Kallor were found in unconsciousness stated 800 miles from their country’s border. Several physicians have attempted to wake them to no avail.

283rd day of the year

The investigator that King Rene’ sent to discover the contributing cause of Lord Byron Cardmar of Kenda death at Freehold is found dead in Terralen on the edge of the great desert. The cause of death is reported as drowning.

284th day of the year

The seaman of the Northern Azin and the Third Azin Fleet requested a four day pass at the same time. As the fleets were being refitted most of their requests were approved.

285th day of the year

The Katrina’s Honor encountered a submerged hulk during its first sea trials. Katrina’s Honor made it under her own sails back to port to repair the damage the encountered caused. The hulk was an older merchantman class ship. The hulk has been towed into Bryagel for investigation.

289th day of the year

Reports from the Merchant Prince of Unadrian suggest that the prices of Spider Silk will continue to lower as greater supplies from Bryagel are released to the market. The Merchant Prince of Unadrian has lowered the price of silk in order to try to compete.

290th day of the year

The Pope awards the provisional government of the Katonnan nation the Writ of Peace for their efforts in maintaining and achieving peace.

291st day of the year

A Fire Elemental appeared at an opening of a lava vent in the country of Iceda on the Northern Shield. The lava vent is on the shore of the country and is producing a lava flow. The Lava flow is enlarging the country of Iceda by one yard a day.

293rd day of the year

The King of the Saurians Rex has become a father once more. His wife and new children are fine. There is some concern that Rex might not last during the rearing of the children.

294th day of the year

Settlers in Maderia in eastern Azin discovered a cave with over 1,000 intact and sealed medium amphora (25 gallons) jars and 800 large amphora (50 gallons) jars in a cave system at the base of the Blue Ridged Mountain range. The containers are filled with wine from a past culture. The wine is of an excellent variety and will fetch a price of 10 P per pint.

296th day of the year

The city of Thebs on the continent of Terla reports that one of the tax collectors and his two guards were found dead. The Physician that examined the bodies concluded that the three individuals died of drowning.

297th day of the year

Artimus Goddard Davis of Kallon (Ath Kallon) presents his improved odometer to Rene’ Nari’ High King of Azin. The inventor Artimus Goddard Davis of Kallon has invented and or improved over 1,000 useful objects in his life time. It should be noted that he has also invented several objects, items that are not useful, or useful yet he claims. One of the items he created was the Water Clock in the city of Azin.

299th day of the year

The first of the Maderia ancient wine is available at the markets in Kent.

300th day of the year

Ashlyn Ath Silveroak daughter to the Duchess of Kent while walking with her escort has a waking dream.

Ice Burning
Crystal Opaque
Journey’s End, Journey’s Beginning
Destination Matters Not
Fire Freezing
Pitch Brightness
River Delta, Mountain High
Arid Water
Brightness of the Night
Wet Sand

Ashlyn comes out of her waking dream for a moment and then falls into another waking dream

They Make Their Own Silence
They Make Their Own Thunder
They Make Their Own Darkness
They Make Their Own Light

They Walk Softly in Water
They Swim Gently In Stone
They Move Coldly in Fire
The Move Warmly in Ice

Ashlyn’s escort dutifully records the waking dreams. Her oldest escort and body protector only comment to her as he rubs his bald head is “Lass I don’t know what they mean; but I know they are important. Don’t ever worry; I will always be here to protect you.” Her body protector prays he can keep that promise to always protect her.

303rd day of the year

A bronze statue is discovered in Greater Bryagel. I depict the Goddess of Light Weeping over the body of the God of Thunder. The statue is a description of the outcome of the battle between the Goddess of War and the God of Thunder at the beginning of recorded time.

304th day of the year

A Horde Specter Class ship the Repulse of Fire requests permission to dock in Moshven for emergency repairs. The ship is allowed to dock and the military governess provides assistants. The Specter Class ship is the newest of Horde warship designs. Currently there are roughly 12 in service. The military governess discovers that a ship with no sails and 4 banks of oars caused all of the damage to the Repulse of Fire. The military governess also discovers that the Repulse of Fire was escorting 10 merchantmen filled with silks and spices. In addition to the Repulse of Fire there were five Wraith class warships escorting the merchant fleet. All of the ships except the Repulse of Fire were destroyed by ramming attacks.

305th day of the year

Azin sends engineers to Moshven to inspect the damage on Repulse of Fire. The Horde High Chieftain welcomes the assistance of Azin to solve the mystery of these attacks.

307th day of the year

Reports from Moshven to the Alquennas Trade Alliance (ATA) suggest that due to the last few shipments of silk being destroyed the price for both spider silk and worm silk is beginning to rise. The Governess of Moshven believes that the price may climb back to what they were at the beginning of the year. She urges the rest of the members of the ATA to assist in the on going investigation into this matter by both the Alliance and the Horde.

310th day of the year

The Provisional Government of Katonnan has reported that two previously non-discovered gold mines have been found near the capital. The government will begin striking coin and adding it to the world market.

312th day of the year

A severe hurricane lands on the south-eastern shores of the continent of Kenda. A great deal of damage to the harbors and structures occurred; however no one was killed.

314th day of the year

The Dwarves of Xendarna repot that they have discovered an extremely rich vein of Dwarven Obsidian. The deposit is rich in all three varieties of Dwarven Obsidian.

317th day of the year

At the Harbor of Azin the Navy of Azin is proud to announce and show off its latest merchantmen. The Ship is 400 feet long and 90 feet wide. It is designed to carry more cargo then any other ship currently afloat. The new ship is of the Guppy Class and is the first of the class and is so named the Guppy.

318th day of the year

The second harvest in Azin has started. There are reports of record harvests throughout the country. Moshven is also happy to report that their harvest’s yields are greater this year.

319th day of the year

One of the fishing fleets from Koalh came upon several burning hulks in the Ocean of Aira. The ships appeared to be merchantmen. By the time they arrived close enough the 30 ships were burned thoroughly to the frame. The fishing fleet could not make out any markings that would have identified the burning hulk’s origins.

320th day of the year

The Country of Creal reports that they are closing access to three of their northern ports. They are quarantining them due to Fever.

322nd day of the year

The Realm of Long Wood and the country of Kenda closes off the border with Creal to contain the Fever.

324th day of the year

Rene’ Nari’ High King of Azin offers assistance to the Kingdom of Creal.

325th day of the year

Five columns (553 soldiers) of heavy mounted warriors from Lord Alain DeGrey Armod of Terralen are discovered by the righteous mighty forces of High Sultan Loryn Corborel of Azatar trespassing on Azatar territory near the border of the Ariddia. The forces from Terralen were three miles north of their border and when questioned the commander of the force demanded that the Azataran force yield that they had the divine power on their side. The Azataran force commander laughed and yelled a single phrase in his native tongue. Instantly the force from Terralen was surrounded by over 2000 Azatar mounted archers and warriors.

The Terralen force was disarmed with the exception that the knights got to keep their swords, provided with water, and sent back to Terralen. Their armor, colors, and valuables remained in Azataran hands as compensation for their transgression against the people of Azatar.

327th day of the year

The High Sultan Loryn Corborel of Azatar sends a letter to Lord Alain DeGrey Armod of Terralen

My Dear DeGray:

I hold yourself in high esteem and thus when your forces trespassed on Azatar soil I was only going to show them their error and request that they leave immediately to the south to once again travel on the soil of Terralen. The sands of the Ariddia make it difficult to determine the border between the small outcrop of the western part Terralen ends as it is not directly associated with the rest of Terralen and the beginning of Azatar. However your commander of that force of brave souls began insulting God. I had to teach him a lesson in humility as a believer of the faith. Even though you are an unenlightened believer of the One True God and have not yet transcended to discover the truth that the one god’s prophet was born in Azatar you must sincerely understand that even your knight commander can not insult the One True God himself. I did not want to deprive you the duty to punish the knight commander yourself.

Your Humbler Servant of God

High Sultan Loryn Corborel of Azatar
Caliph of the Azatar Faith
Liberator of Terla
Sovereign of the House of Kel

329th day of the year

A Royal Herald from Azin arrives in Terralen escorted by three columns of Trackers of Azin. The Royal Herald has a message for Lord Alain DeGrey Armod of Terralen eyes only.

331st day of the year

The First day of autumn for the northern hemisphere a solar eclipse occurs. Both moons obscure the star Gallison for over 45 minutes. During the eclipse the star Gallison erupts sending a visible arm of flame out. The omen smiths declare that a great change is going to occur.

332nd day of the year

The Lord Mayor of Ocean city in the Shire of Oceans on the continent of Terla is found dead just north of the city. The cause of death is drowning.

334th day of the year

A working girl in Ocean City is found dead. Again the cause of death is by drowning. A note was found in her grasped hand written poorly in ancient kingdom that translates to either; Death to Impostures or Death by an Imposture. The note was written by a left handed person.

Witnesses say they saw a one armed man leaving the scene just prior to the body being found. They say the man was missing his left arm.

335th day of the year

The Scheduled arrival of the Trista merchant fleet to Ocean City reveals some interesting discoveries. The Trista merchant fleet is comprised by 60 Cogs and 70 Sea Cargo Carries and they are escorted by Wraith class ships and Elven War Sloops. All the ships are crewed by humans.

The question is how did Trista get their hands on Elven War Sloops, especially ones that have the markings of the Bryagel and Fyngel Ship Fields.

340th day of the year

Terralen insists they did not violate Azataran territories. In an open letter to Azatar Terralen displays their desire to open a dialogue with Azatar in order to prevent any further misunderstandings.

341st day of the year

The Realm of the Azul-Valley offers to act as moderator for Terralen and Azatar. They offer to host representatives from both countries in the Capital of the Azul-Valley the city of Cerulean

343rd day of the year

It is announced by King Jorggan of Curerria that his son Tobin and is newlywed bride Lorden have been taken from the keep of Curerria. On the 342nd day of the year they were discovered missing. Their work chamber shows signs of a struggle. There has not been a ransom demand as of yet.

347th day of the year

The disappearance of the crown prince of Curerria is disturbing, what is more disturbing is that there has not been a demand for ransom.

Rene’ Nari’ offers the Kingdom of Curerria assistance in this matter.

350th day of the year

An announcement from Talis; The people of Talis have voted to re-establish the Republic of Talis that stood for almost 1000 years prior to darkness of recent years.

The Senate Council building has been reopened and the Senators have begun to meet.

It should be noted that the senate council building was closed by Carr as one of his first acts of Emperor.

351st day of the year

Reports from Trista state that one of their merchant fleets heading towards Sea Fair was destroyed by an enormous sea creature with tentacles too numerous to count. Trista claims that 80 merchant ships and 30 ships of war were destroyed by this creature.

354th day of the year

The Senators of Talis have announced that a Proconsul has been appointed. Anakin Reed has been selected to lead the Senate of Talis.

355th day of the year

The Proconsul of Talis signs the Agreement of Alliance to validate the Talis’s new governments desire to stay in the Alliance of Nations.

358th day of the year

The Festival of Harvest’s End has begun in Azin. The people of Azin celebrate as the harvest gathered is one of the largest in the last 70 years. The people contribute this to the Queen of Azin.

359th day of the year

The Horde reports that two of its Specter Class warships engaged in battle with one of the mystery ships that contain no sails. The Horde ships were severely damaged. The Horde reported that the mystery ship was damaged, taking on water; however it was still able to maneuver and get away.

360th day of the year

The night of the 360th day of the year was bitterly cold in Azin. The weather was too clod for the season and took everyone by surprised.

In the Keep of Kent one of the central provinces of Azin the Duchess of Kent’s daughter is struggling to sleep when she awakes and has a waking dream.

Hopes Brightness
Shadows Fall to Light
The Banner Leads
The Pennant Fleas
The Sound of the Rain Drowns Out Their Approach
Fire’s Warmth
Fire’s Light
Fire’s Cleansing
Fire’s Creation
Fire’s Birth
Star’s Light
Star’s Warmth
Star’s Creation
Star’s Birth
From the Ashes
From the Sorrows
From the Burning Sand
From the Torrent Waters
From the Tempest
Thunder’s Silence
Cloak’s Discarded
Storm, Mountain and Frost
Fire, Ice and Forest
Not by Ones
Not by Twos
Countless in their numbers
They Hunt the Terrors of the Night
The Reapers of Lives

The child quietly falls asleep not knowing the words she just spoke. Her protector knows it is better that she does not remember.

361st day of the year

The Horde sends an envoy of peace to Trista. It is hoped that the Horde can open up negotiations of peace and trade with Trista and The Trista Confederation. Respecting their requests the Horde ships anchor off the cost of Trista and send the envoy in on a long boat.

363rd day of the year

Trista expels the Horde delegation from their shores. The Horde envoy is tossed into the sea and forced to swim to his waiting ship.

364th day of the year

Trista send a messenger to the Capital of Two Worlds (The Horde Capital). The messenger informs the Horde Chieftain that any further attempts to establish relations with Trista will considered an act of War against the sovereign state of Trista and the Trista Confederation.

The messenger then informed the horde that steeping on Horde soil that has not been cleansed with fire or the blood of all the horde that he is now filth and an outcast from his beloved homeland of Trista, The Messenger Takes his own life right in front of the Horde Chieftain. The implement of the messenger’s death was a self inflicted wound with a dagger he had hidden in his clothes

365th day of the year

The country of Trista holds a nationwide memorial and day of morning for the messenger lost to the Horde. There are reports of anti-horde rallies throughout the country once the memorial was completed. Several of the member nations of the Trista Confederation hold similar rallies.

366th day of the year

The Oracle of Terla sends messengers to Azin, the Horde and Sea Fair and Bryagel. The contents of the messages are unknown.

367th day of the year

Meetings between Azatar and Terralen begin in the Capital city of Cerulean of the country of the Azul-Valley.

368th day of the year

Messengers from the Independent States of Kallor (a country on Terla) are sent to several nations including the Horde, Azin, Trista and all of the Elven countries. This is unusual as the Independent States of Kallor have closed their borders to everyone for the past 300 years.

The message that is carried concerns an incident that occurred on the 364th day of the year. Kallor soldiers on a routine patrol found a mass open grave with 50 bodies in the grave. The bodies were that of humans, elves, dwarves, centaurs and one scorpion man. The message states that the doctors of Kallor believe that the victims have all died by drowning.

The Independent States of Kallor will allow investigators from Azin and the Elven nation access to their country in order to investigate this matter.

It is uncertain why they will only allow elves and citizens of Azin in their country.

369th day of the year

Duke Tully and six of his Mounted Force Columns travel through a gate portal to the country of Terralen. Duke Tully has been appointed by High King Rene’ Nari’ to investigate the discovery that the Kallorans made.

Duke Tully will take only one column with him to the site the rest will remain to reinforce the Terralen guard.

370th day of the year

Greater Fyngel sends Ele Staren-gail to the Independent States of Kallor by way of the Realm of Sea Fair. It should be noted that Ele Staren-gail is the chief inquisitor of the True Elves of Fyngel.

371st day of the year

Using the arcane arts Duke Tully arrives at the mass grave site. According to his page the Duke’s horse enjoyed the ride while the Duke was holding on for dear life.

It is discovered that many of the bodies are lord mayors and other city officials from several different cities in different realms. The Duke has sent messengers to inform their families.

The only unusual body is the scorpion-man. It had not markings of clan or title and did not have a single stinger scar which is unusual.

372nd day of the year

The Inquisitor and Duke Tully agree that their investigation has generated more questions then answers.

The Inquisitor will be traveling back to Terralen with the Duke to continue their investigation.

373rd day of the year

The following is a section from the book entitled “The Living World of Alquennas” by Sumi’ Ysa Ellime Nari’

Begin Section

It was mid afternoon on the plain of Kent at the public Gate Portal two miles northeast of the Great Keep of Kent. The sun had begun to shine as the storm clouds from an earlier autumn rain began to scatter.

The Saurian Dragon Kin sentries began performing their “Changing of the Guard” ceremony. Even without an audience, this ritual was flawlessly performed as a sign of their devotion to their duty. Many inhabitants from nearby villages would travel to the public Gate Portal on good weather days. They came to watch the Saurians’ ceremony as it was a spectacular show of grace and marching. This day however, the earlier weather had kept the number of spectators to fewer than 20.

The Saurian guards had begun the last maneuver in their ceremony when one of their nobles looked towards the Gate Portal. She began to shout out orders so the guards would be in place and ready prior to the Gate Portal coming to life. The Saurian guards followed her orders to the letter and prepared to receive the unscheduled voyagers. The first rank of guards knelt with their battle spears at the ready and the second rank drew back on their long bows ready to loose their deadly missiles upon command.

The Saurian commander looked at the glowing sphere that was now hovering over the control table. The 16 characters identified the Portal’s originating location as the Terralen Gate Portal near the border of the Ariddia. The commander felt a very bad feeling develop down her spine the more she thought about the situation.

As the Gate Portal’s path solidified, the Saurians saw hundreds of wounded and injured people coming towards the gate. The commander saw the banner of Duke Tully in the background. She immediately ordered the first rank through the Gate Portal to secure the other side of the Gate Portal. Then she ordered a messenger to run back to the Keep of Kent and to inform Lady Sumi’. Next, she ordered the 20 or so onlookers to get the healers. Then she took a deep breath. She knew her feeling had been correct and that it was about to become a very long day.

The 20 Saurians of the first rank ran into the Gate Portal and took up defensive positions. The Saurians relished being back in the desert, but they did not relish the sight of so many injured people. Then the Saurian commander stepped through the Gate Portal to take charge if need be. A young knight, at most 20 by her looks, approached the commander. “My Lord, Duke Tully, has ordered me to get these wounded people to Kent and Aurora. The Auroran Gate Portal is connected to the Terralen Gate at Luxor. The Saurian just nodded and waved for the young knight to continue what she had been ordered to do.

The young knight began ordering her troops to help the wounded through the Gate Portal to the Duchy of Kent. Most of those helping the wounded were themselves wounded. The Saurian commander recognized what had caused most of the wounds of the injured. As she did so, she unconsciously removed the short lance from its holder strapped to her back. Upon seeing this, the other Saurians nodded in agreement and prepared to move forward. The Saurians moved together as one towards the back of the column of injured Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Centaurs and Haeflins. They moved towards the Banner of Duke Joseph Tully, Lord and Duke of the Duchy of Aurora, Constable of Azin, and most important to the Saurians’ mind, Godfather to Rene’ Nari’, High King of Azin.

As the Saurians arrived at Duke Tully’s banner, a hellish shriek ripped through the air, terrifying all in its wake. Duke Tully looked up at the arriving Saurians. With their heights ranging from 8 ½ to 10 feet, almost every human needed to look up at a Saurian to meet their eyes. “Dame Aylita; if I remember correctly? It is good to see you again.” Duke Tully calmly greeted the Saurian knight.

“My Lord, we must get you to safety, the Reapers are close. ”The Saurian knight begged, her voice showing true concern but not fear.

Duke Tully smiled and replied. “Not until all of my soldiers leave these forsaken lands.” He drew a long breath and continued. “Besides, I have already killed one Reaper. By mathematical lore, I should already be dead.”

The Saurian knight knew better to argue with a Tully. She had tried once, no, twice before. One time with Duncan Tully and the second time with Megan Bridgett Tully. She had lost both times. The Saurian knight ordered her troops to defend Lord Tully at all costs. As the last Saurian took up their positions, that unholy shriek was heard once again. It was much closer.

Lady Sumi’ arrived at the Gate Portal no more than 15 minutes after the first messenger had reached her. She did not come alone. The First and Third Mounted Light Cavalry of Kent were fast on her heels, The Second and Fifth Infantry companies were due to arrive within moments as well. Several hundred of the injured were already through the Gate Portal. The physician from the nearby town was fast at work sorting and diagnosing the wounded; deciding which of the many would live and which would die.

Unfortunately, the first absolute about healing was that a healer could not save everyone. The second absolute is that sometimes healers will lose more than they can save. Sumi ordered the commanders’ of the Mounted Light forces to begin erecting the tents that were coming up in their luggage wagons. She ordered the commander of the Second to assist the physicians. The commander of the Fifth was ordered to take his column of 110 soldiers through the Gate Portal to help those still on the other side.

As the last of the Kentish Fifth Infantry Column went through the Gate Portal, Sumi gasped in horror. An unimaginable sight began to take shape, barely visible through the haze from the land on the other side of the Gate Portal. It was a Saurian knight walking towards the Gate Portal with soldiers carrying a litter behind them. The knight was well known to Sumi, as Aylita was a student of Sumi’s and a friend. Sumi could make out the trail of tears running down the 8 ½ foot knight’s body as the tears cut through the dust and blood that had layered and caked on the reptilian skin of the Saurian.

As Aylita drew closer to the Gate Portal, Sumi could see the litter behind her in greater detail. There was a banner draped over someone. Horror and shock began to wash over Sumi as she recognized the blazon. It was three silver Wolf heads and a silver Chevron on a field of vert.

Sumi’s page noticed the tears streaming down her face even before Sumi even realized she was crying. As the page moved towards her to see if she was all right, Sumi raised her hand and stopped him. “Page! Get me a messenger. NO! Get me Conrad. I will send him to inform King Rene’ Nari’ that Duke Joseph Tully is dead.” The page had whirled and was halfway back to the Keep when he realized the gravity of what Sumi’ had said.

End Section

374th day of the year

The official inquiry into what is now known as the Terralen Disaster was opened by Saint Christopher Gabriel Tooley, High Minster of High Justice for the Realm of Azin; Constable of Azin.

Rene’ Nari’ appoints the Duchess of Kent as the temporary military governor of Terralen until such time as House Armod can resume control of the area.

Pope Justinian the First recalls Sir Alain DeGrey Armod to the holy city.

Duke Tully’s family arrives at Kent to reclaim his body.

375th day of the year

The High Minster of High Justice for the Realm of Azin sends his initial report to High King Rene’ Nari’ concerning the Terralen Disaster. The report was as follows:

My Dear High King Rene’:

Late on the 272nd day of the year locally in Terralen, an estimated 1000 Shining Paths were opened throughout Terralen’s territory. They formed mainly near or in the main centers of population for the country. It has been reported that over 1530 Reapers appeared and began to obliterate anyone in their path. As dusk loomed over Terralen, the sounds of Reapers being killed could be heard everywhere throughout Terralen.

On the morning of the 273rd day of the year locally in Terralen, the population ventured out of their hiding places. Hundreds of Reaper bodies were littered throughout the land. There were still an estimated 200 Reapers left when Duke Tully attempted to activate the Gate Portals to no avail. The Mages’ Guild has informed me that an Area of Perversity is now in effect throughout Terralen. Magick has gone wild. Duke Tully wrote in his journal that if it were not for Morgan and her priests, the Gate Portals would still not be working.

The estimated lost in life is staggering.

Estimated Casualty List:
11 thousand soldiers killed
6 thousand soldiers wounded
25 thousand civilians killed
10 thousand civilians wounded

I have had the honorable Lord Rygel De Azin, Arch Magus of Azin, investigate the area of the paths and his findings support that fact that magick was not involved in their creation. Duchess Ellime’ reports further that the event has the “taste” of a miracle and there is a distinct “scent” of devotions behind it.

What killed the Reapers is unclear, and the only clue is from Lady Ashlyn’s last waking dream.

376th day of the year

The Duchess of Kent turns over control of Terralen to Lady Armod. Lady Armod begins to heal the land.

378th day of the year

A party dispatched from Kent has discovered additional clues concerning the strange deaths that have been occurring. However, they unearth additional questions as well.

379th day of the year

The remains of Ele Staren-gail, the Inquisitor from Greater Fyngel, are discovered in Terralen. It appears she was a victim of one of the Reapers.

380th day of the year

Tobin and Lorden of Curerria are found dead with seawater in their lungs. They are discovered on the Northern Shield.

381st day of the year

Constable Jandar of the Golden Oak is severely injured when a local hot spring near his Wood explodes. This spring had never exhibited such behavior before and the matter is being investigated.

382nd day of the year

The Lord Mayor of East Gate in Moshven was found dead in his bed. The physicians discovered his lungs were filled with sea water.

384th day of the year

The State of Perversity that is in effect within and around the country of Terralen has not affected the weather. The season of Sand has started off strong with an 18 hour sand storm that started deep in the Ariddia and continues east of the city of Memphis- Lor. The sand storm is covered an area of over 3,000 square miles.

385th day of the year

The Pope sends a messenger to Azatar. The government of Azatar accepts the messenger with open arms.

386th day of the year

In the Kenda Sea six pirate ships attack a Bryagel merchant fleet of 15 ships. Near by two Specter class Horde warships; the Messenger Star (translated into Kingdom) and Fire’s Hammer (Also translated into Kingdom) see the attack and lend add to the Bryagel merchant fleet. The Horde ships cover 16 miles in 30 minutes to close in on the pirate ships. The Horde vessels destroyed one of the pirate ships and captured the other five. The pirate ships were converted Cogs.

387th day of the year

An attempt on the life of a Lord Mayor on the Island of Three Sisters is stopped by the investigators from Kent.

388th day of the year

Azatar replies to the message from the Pope. Azatar agrees to send a negotiator to the Holy City. They will travel to the Holy city after the first of the New Year as they are currently celebrating the holiest time in their calendar.

389th day of the year

The conference in The Realm of the Azul-Valley between Terralen and Azatar ends. The moderator from the Azul-Valley is confident that a peaceful solution can be found to the tensions on the continent of Terla. The country of the Azul-Valley offer once again to host representatives from both countries in the Capital of the Azul-Valley the city of Cerulean in three months to continue peace talks.

391st day of the year

The mystery of the murders by drowning has been solved. The High King of Azin sent a herald to all of the Alliance countries to speak privately with their rulers. Then by order of the High King of Azin the exact details of the investigation has been sealed.

393rd day of the year

Ashlyn Ath Silveroak daughter to the Duchess of Kent wakes from a deep sleep and begins to speak. Her Body servant wrote her words down. Those words are:

Untie the Shackles of Hatred
Unbind the Chains of Deceit
Unite All; Elk, Dwarf, Man and Orc
Bond as One Talents of Old and New
Craft as One
Parts of Many into One
Construct One
Construct Two
Finished is When Constructed Thirteen
Needed are Faith, Magick, Psionics, and Skill
Forged In Ice
Cooled in Fire
Annealed in Arcane
Tempered in Spirit
Wielded by All
Wielded by None
Protector of Water

394th day of the year

Heralds from the Abby of Katarina proclaim that the Lord Abbot and his Wife are proud parents of a daughter. It is announced that her Ceremony of Naming will be held during the Winter Festival.

395th day of the year

The King’s (of Azin) First Mounted Light have challenged the Saurian second Scale at a game of Field Cross during the Winter Festival.

396th day of the year

The Saurian Second Scale accepts the challenge of the King’s First Mounted Light

397th day of the year

A messenger exited the Gate Portal at Kent. The messenger came from the Azatar public Gate Portal. The Messenger will only talk with Duchess Ellime’

398th day of the year

The messenger that arrived at Kent on the 397th day of the year is escorted to High King Rene’ by the personal guard of the Duchess of Kent.

399th day of the year

Snow begins to fall in the Capital city of Azin and points north of the Capital city.

400th day of the year

Ashlyn Ath Silveroak daughter to the Duchess of Kent wakes from a deep sleep and begins to speak. Her Body servant wrote her words down. Those words are:

Striking Flint
Striking Cold Stone
Sparking Fire
Sparking Ice Crystals
Down on the Mountain Peaks
Up on the Valley Lowlands
Riding Mounts of Air
Riding Mounts of Fire
Riding Mounts of Ice
Lances of Diamonds
Lances of Lava
Lances of Ice Drakes
Mists of Time
Fog of Battle
Clear Cloudy Nights
A Force of One Lead by Thousands
Children lead
Angels Follow Fearfully
The Unifier
The Destroyer
The Creator
The Balancer
The Protector
The Thief
The Villain
The Hero
The Outcast
The Favorite Child
The Mage
The Cleric
The Warrior
The Knight
Weapons of Light
Weapons of Dark
Weapons of Shadow
Trumpets of Victory
Trumpets of Defeat
13 Becomes One
One Becomes All
Armor of Air
Swimming in Sand
Walking through Water
Embrace Fire’s cold
Embrace Ice’s Warmth
Pawns become Kings
Kings become Servants
Castles Crumble
Banners Burn
Flags Scorch
Pennants Sear to Ash
Cities Melt
From Ice Not Fire
Complete the Vail
Complete the Shroud
Unite and all will Stand
Divided all will become the Meal
Ancient Enemies Forgive
Ancient Enemies Never Forget
Tundra’s Fire
Desert’s Frost
Choosing Sides
Everyone Must Choose
In the End All will Choose
Not Choosing is Choosing
Sky Cats
The Phoenix
The Falcon
The Lion
The Tiger
Plains of Judgment
Decision’s Rock
Time Counting Down
Time Counting Up
The Great Alignment Marks Time
Starts and Ends
The Sword is Weak
The Knife Dull
Magick Fails
Crisis of Faith
Loyalty Tested
Fealty Broken
A New Hope
A New Light
Unified and Bright
The Mother
The Protector
The Die has not Been Cast on the Closing of this Tale

401st Day of the year

The Duchy of Kent is honored by the High Queen to host the Winter Festival Games. The Queen believe that since the Duchess of Kent was already hosting one Field Cross tournament that she would be ready to host additional tournaments of Field Cross and a Joust Tournament.

402nd day of the year

The Duchess of Kent graciously accepts the High Queen’s honor.

404th day of the year

A ship without masts docks at the port of Azin. A single occupant leaves the ship and heads towards the Keep of Azin.

405th day of the year

Over six dozen heralds are dispatched from the keep of Azin to several destinations including the Constables of Azin and several nations in the Alliance. One of the herald’s is traveling to the City of Two Worlds.

406th day of the year

Dur-Rok High Chieftain (High King) of the Horde accepts King Rene’ Nari’s offer to celebrate the winter festival in Azin. Dur-Rok continues to inform King Rene’ that his guard will accept any challenges at the game of Field Cross.

407th day of the year

The King’s (King Rene’ Nari’) First Lancers offer a challenge to the personal guard of Horde King to a game of Field Cross.

408th day of the year

With the start of the Winter Festival less then 12 days away the nobles of Azin begin to arrive at the Duchess of Kent’s Keep.

410th day of the year

The Horde High Chieftain and his entourage arrive via Gate Portal at the keep of the Duchess of Kent.

411th day of the year

The government of Sharinnon report that they are quarantining their South-Eastern Ports and their border with Creal due to a severe outbreak of Red Fever in those areas.

412th day of the year

The duchess of Kent return homes and prepares for the Winter Festival. Her staff on more than one occasion hears her muttering about not being paid enough for this.

The Duchess of Kent and the Duchess of Aurora send aid to Sharinnon.

413th day of the year

Arch Magus Rygel Ath Azin, Lord Puggles, the Military Governess of Moshven, Spike of the abbey of Katrina and Tavendar of the White Mountains arrive at the Duchess of Kent’s keep. As promised, they raise the stadium of Kent. This oblong structure of stone was designed by Lord Puggles and constructed by three of the most powerful user of Magick in any of the realms. They commanded the granite from the ground to form this 50,000 person capacity structure.

Rene’ Nari’ King of Azin sends aid to the victims of the Red Fever outbreak in Sharinnon.

414th day of the year

High King Rene’ Nari’ and his family arrive at the Keep of Kent.

415th day of the year

Word reaches Azin and Bryagel that a force of free company mercenaries has attacked the settlements of Patrona. Both Azin and Bryagel send forces to protect the settlements of Patrona.

417th day of the year

The Stadium of Kent is finished in time to begin the Winter Festival. Word from Patrona states that the most of the mercenaries have left not fled Patrona. Those that have been captured cannot provide any information on why Patrona was attacked.

418th day of the year

The Saurian Second Scale challenged of the King’s First Mounted Light to a game of Field Cross. The Saurians won by a score of 2 to 1.

419th day of the year

The Pope Holds the High Mass for Savior’s Birth of the religion of the one true god.

The Winter Festival is in full swing as the sub kingdoms of Azin pay their respect to High King Rene’ Nari’ and reaffirm their loyalty and devotion to the Crown of Azin.

420th day of the year

The government of Sharinnon sends messages of thanks to the countries of Azin, Kenda, the City of Dawn and the Horde for their assistance in stopping the spread of the outbreak of Red Fever and assisting in treating the outbreak.

421st day of the year

The King’s (King Rene’ Nari’) First Lancers challenged the personal guard of Horde King to a game of Field Cross. After six hours of play the score was tied at zero to zero. As hostess to the Winter Festival the Duchess of Kent declares both teams winners.

422nd day of the year

The Duchess of Kent prepares for the Midwinter’s Celebration.

Hours prior to the start of the Midwinter’s celebration, several thousand people saw a Drake flying overhead. Some say its wings where made of Ice and its eyes as blue as a sapphire.

At the same moment, Mikhaila Isis Isabel Katrina Nari’ wife to the Lord of Dresden began to give birth to her fourth child. Her child came into the world moments before the year ended. Mikhaila Isis Isabel Katrina Nari’ child is named Katrina Ysa’ Ellime’ Ath Dresden.

As the child took, its first breaths the Duchess of Kent began to Midwinter’s Celebration.