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The Calendar of Alquennas

As the Kingdoms of Man began to rise to power, one aspect of the world made confusion the norm and not the exception. At one time, there were over 35 different calendars for Alquennas. Some of the calendars were of human origins; others were of dwarven and elven origins. The calendars themselves were not consistent. Many tried and failed to create conversions from one to another. If one traveled a day from their home, they might encounter those that use a different calendar. This confusion caused havoc with trade, alliance and trying to beat the horde. A decision was made by the Nari family rulers of Azin. Their decision leads to the creation of the current calendar used on Alquennas.

The Ancient Animals of the Calendar

The Calendar of Alquennas has an ancient animal the represents each year. They repeat every 12 years. The following list is a list of the animals from the years TK 1038 until TK 1073.

TK 1038GryphonTK 1039Unicorn
TK 1040Cat EaglesTK 1041Phoenix
TK 1042CockatriceTK 1043Sand Ray
TK 1044HydraTK 1045Chormen
TK 1046RatsTK 1047Coatals
TK 1048Sky CatTK 1049Oliphaunts
TK 1050GryphonTK 1051Unicorn
TK 1052Cat EaglesTK 1053Phoenix
TK 1054CockatriceTK 1055Sand Ray
TK 1056HydraTK 1057Chormen
TK 1058RatsTK 1059Coatals
TK 1060Sky CatTK 1061Oliphaunts
TK 1062GryphonTK 1063Unicorn
TK 1064Cat EaglesTK 1065Phoenix
TK 1066CockatriceTK 1067Sand Ray
TK 1068HydraTK 1069Chormen
TK 1070RatsTK 1071Coatals
TK 1072Sky CatTK 1073Oliphaunts

00 (The Age of the Kingdom of Man)

The Alliance Calendar of Alquennas also known as the Alliance Accepted Calendar as it was created by committee took several acts of High kings and most likely most of the deities to be accepted by most of the world. It took the Kingdoms of Man to convince the council of rule to adopt a single consistent Calendar. It took 15 years to hammer out the details of the new calendar. They began discussing the new calendar in what is now known as 15 BK and it was adopted on mid winters day of what is now known as 00 or the Year of the new era.

The TK era of the Alliance Calendar has 422 days in it divided by 12 parts (months): These parts (months) are named for the northern hemispheres seasons with the exception of the part of Kingdom which is based of the birth part (month) of the ruler of the Nari' family when the Alliance Calendar was created.

PartNumber of DaysPartNumber of Days
Slumber35Harvest's Beginning36
Seed's Dawn (Dawn)35Kingdom35
Awakening35Harvest's end36
Blossoming or growth35Storms (cold Rain)35
The Frolic35Frost (Gallows)35

The Cycle of the parts are broken down into 4 to 5 division (weeks) each with 7 days. It was decided to keep the names of the days from the old Calendar of the wood elves of Bryagel, which celebrates different aspects of their beliefs.

MonhranDay of the Moon Debohran (the mother). The moon is a symbol of the power of Debohran
MonharkDay of the Moon Hyach (the protector and Debohran mate)
ThunderDay of the God/Goddess of Thunder. The savior of Alquennas in the creation myth
LightDay of the God/Goddess of Lightning and of Light. The companion to the God/Goddess of Thunder and the bringer of language and knowledge to the Eloanns
KorwendDay of the God/Goddess of labor
GatheringThe day family's extended families) gather to feast and enjoy each other's company.
SunDay of the Sun