Provincial Capital of Kallon

Kallon is the northwestern province of Azin. It is also called the Gateway of Azin from the Northwest. The provincial capital of Kallon is the city of Kallon. The city of Kallon is located on the western shores of the river Darnar. The river Darnar allows access to the northwestern lands of Azin. 20 miles south south-west of Kallon, the river divides into the Darnar river and the Settlement river that both travel southwest.

Current Leader: Duke Lioga ath Azin

Queen Katrina installed Duke Lioga. He was one of the first "new" installed vassals. He is fiercely loyal to the Nari' family and has proven his loyalty on numerous occasions. One of these occasions occurred in recent history. In TK 1045, he placed himself in the line of an assassin's arrow that was heading towards High King Rene' Nari'. The arrow struck Lioga in the shoulder. He healed in time to see the assassin hung for treason.

Structures of the City of Kallon

The city of Kallon has been razed by fire numerous times in the last 300 years. This prompted the leadership of Kallon in TK 1000 to issue a proclamation that all buildings within the city and within 30 miles radius of the city are to be made of stone. The Lord Mayor at the time explained that the government of Kallon would pay for the transition of wood to stone. It has been estimated that more than 800 buildings had to be dismantled and then rebuilt in stone. All stone for all of Kallon's building projects is obtained at the Quarry of Belmont. This Quarry is located six miles north of the city of Kallon.

The Gate Portal Authority of Kallon

The city of Kallon is home to five public Gate Portals and three private Gate Portals. The Gate Portal Authority of Kallon was established by Duke Lioga in TK 1038 and controls all of the Gate Portals. The Authority's sole purpose is to ensure the smooth operation and safety of the Gate Portals of Kallon. Duke Lioga has seen the destruction that a Gate Portal can cause when it is detonated. The Gate Portal Authority employs over 1,100 employees to accomplish their goal. The public Gate Portals are located throughout the city. There is a Gate Portal at the Market Square and a second is at the center of Market Street. A third public Gate Portal is located at the entrance of city military barracks. The fourth is located near the Keep of Kallon on the south side of the city. The last public Gate Portal is located outside the west entrance of the city of Kallon. The locations of the private Gate Portals are not discussed or talked about under fear of arrest.

Dwellings and Homes

In the city of Kallon, buildings must be made of stone with less than 1 percent of the buildings being made of flammable materials. The dwellings and homes in the city of Kallon fall into three specific categories. There are:

The Apartments
The Town Houses
The Great Houses

The Apartments

The Apartments are constructed out of hard stone, usually of granite. The Apartments are 70 feet in height by 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. They are designed to accommodate several families living in the structure. The TK 1050 Census determined that 60% of the population of Kallon dwelt in Apartments. The need for housing is still very great in Kallon. Thus, to answer this need, apartment buildings are being constructed.

The Town Houses

Town houses are constructed out of stone, again usually of granite from the quarry. Merchants usually own these three to four story buildings. They have their shops on the first or first and second story and their home on the upper floors. Main Street and Market Street are filled with these types of Town Houses. The TK 1050 census determined that 20% of the population dwelt in Town Houses.

The Great Houses

The Great houses are reserved for the nobility of Kallon and for rich or well off commoners. The Lord Mayor's house and offices are contained within a Great House. The TK 1050 census determined that 20% of the population of Kallon dwelt in Great Houses.

The Markets and Shops

The street known as Market Place in Kallon is lined with merchant shops with goods locally acquired and acquired from around the world. The Markets and Shops are divided into two categories. These categories are the Merchant shops on Market Place and the Open Market on Market Square.

The Merchant Shops

The Merchant Shops are usually specialty shops containing goods, foods, and items that are not normally found in the Kallon Area. These shops include:

Douglas Outfitters Good Foods Dock First Importers David's Apothecary and Cures
The Chocolate Drink House Calvin Cord and Ropes Edwards Fine crafts Spencer's Pawn and Money Lending

The Market at Market Square

The Market at Market Square is a large covered market in the center of the city. It houses over five hundred merchant shops on four levels. The Markets sell the staples of living in Kallon, from food to cookware to clothing and everything that one needs to live in the city. One area of the market contains the merchant's guild. This building has an open office that posts the prices of goods and the timetable for arrivals and departures for caravans and trade convoys. It is also acknowledged as a good place to make informal gate travel arrangements for those who do not have the coin or gems to pay their own way.

Churches and Temples

The city of Kallon is home to the Cathedral of Saint Charles as well as an additional 35 churches of the Religion of the One True God. There are 11 temples of the Children of God and 4 Temples to the Azatar Religion. In the area known as Faith Square, there are also numerous temples and sanctuaries to the Lady of Light and the rest of the pantheon of Alquennas.


There are two major universities in the Kallon Area:
The Kallon School of Magick founded 1 mile east of the city walls in TK 600.
The Kallon Engineering University founded in TK 1000.


As might be expected, given the history of plague and disease in the area, Duke Lioga is extremely concerned with cleanliness and safe water. Much of the city's water comes from the river. Recently The Duke has paid for several major fountains to be dug that spring from aquifers below the city. These have never been tainted and are checked frequently. They are primarily used as backup sources should the city be besieged.

In addition, there are eight Public bathhouses and five Private facilities. Duke Lioga has also recently concluded negotiations for one of Dame Rose's healing sanctuaries.


Kallon is a thriving hub of industry. Because of its location and prominence, it has an extensive selection of craft guilds. The most notable are the Weavers and Glassworkers. Growing in renown are the Engineers and the Artificers. The city is also known for the skill and styles of its Jeweler's Guild and its Pottery Guild.

The most famous house of Kallon pottery is the Josiah family of porcelain workers, which has been known for its distinctive works and unique glazes for several centuries. The Josiah family is currently working with New Edo Shimbun on even more original materials for their pottery.

The most notable family in the Weaver's Guild is the Otheray family. Their current patriarch is Jason Otheray who has increased his family's standing by canny trading in spider silk and Terlan cotton as well as his alliance with the Josiah family to help develop new dyes as well as glazes.


The Belmont Quarry six miles due north of the city
The Belmont Horse track is five miles north of the city
The Northwest Forest (White Wood Forest) west of the city
The Trout runs in the river Darnar
The Lady's Silver mine located two miles northwest of the city
The grasslands northeast of the city
The sand of the shores of the river Darnar (glassworks)
The river Darnar