Life Debt

This text is being recorded in first day of Frost in the year 1046 TK

No one is completely certain when or which races began the tradition/custom of what is now known as the "Life Debt." It is believed that the dwarves, saurian dragon kin, or elves began this tradition/custom as it is ancient.

To this scribes knowledge there aren't any laws written or common that govern life debts in any country or realm. What is known is that not every member of a race, country, or culture follows this ancient tradition/custom.

A Life Debt, as the name implies, is a debt that an individual or group owes another individual or group a debt for life. The creation of a Life Debt usually occurs when an individual or group saves the life of another individual or group, or the future of that individual or group.

The only rule so to speak that governs a Life Debt is that one the one(s) that can claim a Life Debt is the individual or group that has had their life or future saved. A Life Debt cannot be demanded. The Life Debt tradition / custom has filtered to several cultures, realms and races of Alquennas.

One example of a Life Debt is the Wood of Silver Oak to house Nari'; for two events. The first event hundreds of years ago during the plague when house Nari' shared their dwindling food supply with the Silver Oak. The second event occurred when the duchess of Kent Ellime' ath Sliver Oak was a young child. Goblins and Hobgoblins by the tens of thousands launched an attack against the Wood of the Silver Oak. Her village was small and her people did not get the warning in time to escape to the safety of their capital city of Silver Oak. All seemed hopeless as the goblins and their cousins began their final assault on the village. As the Goblins broke through the outer defenses of the village, the sound of a horn was heard. This sound stopped the goblins and elves alike, in their tracks, almost motionless. It is recorded that the next sounds heard was the battle cry of the soldiers of the personal guard of the King of Azin Darius Nari'. "For Freedom, For Country, For King" echoed throughout the Wood as the personal guard began their charge against the goblins. It is said the sight of the 110 heavy lancers riding stirrup to stirrup and as one they lowered their lances, destroying the discipline of the goblins and their cousins and true to form the goblins and hobgoblins fled, running in panic, routed by the personal guard of King Darius Nari'

A historical note: The commander of the personal guard of King Darius Nari' during this rescue was Michael Robert Thomas of Lords may he rest in peace.

Ethan Christopher Thomas of Lords
Scribe and Manager of Estates for the Military Governor of Lords