Culture of Alquennas

Fashion Colors of the Living World

Festivals of the Haeflins, Dwarves and Elves

Languages of Alquennas

Life Debt

Music of Alquennas


Warning Flags of the Realm

Zodiac Signs of Alquennas

High Kings and Queens of Alquennas

The following is a list of the countries and territories that have a High King or Queen.


Leader's Title

Azin and Her Settlements The High King and High Queen of Azin and Her Settlements
The Horde Union The Horde High Chieftain
Greater Fyngel The High Queen of Greater Bryagel
Greater Bryagel The High Queen of Greater Bryagel
Xendana The Konung (King)
Azatar Grand Sultan
Currerria Haeflin King

Haeflin Alliance
Trista Confederation

The Haeflin Alliance

Haeflin cultures and societies are comprised of nine different groups called the Spheres of Haeflin Influence. Each Sphere can vary from one another greatly. This has led to friction and almost all out warfare between the Spheres. However, when an outside force threatens the Haeflin way of life or if a unifying goal of all or almost all of the Spheres is threatened, the leaders of the nine different spheres will call for the Haeflin Alliance. If the Call for the Haeflin Alliance goes out, old quarrels between Haeflins are put aside to defend the culture, society, and members of the Haeflin race.