Music of the Living World of Alquennas

The living world of Alquennas is vast with many cultures and races. The music of the Living World of Alquennas is diverse as the cultures are vast. The music ranges from early tribal sounds to earth low renaissance grand works of music.

Musical Notation of the Living World of Alquennas

All of the races of Alquennas that use or have a musical notation or musical written language use a common form. This common form is identical to Modern Earth's Western musical notation system and key structure.

Instruments of the Living World of Alquennas

The following is a list of instruments that are commonly found in the Living World of Alquennas

Item Name Instrument Type Item Name Instrument Type
Bagpipes Bagpipes The Lizard Horns
Warpipes Bagpipes Crumhorn Home (krumhorn) Horns
Organetto (one person , hand pumped organ) Bagpipes Hunting Horn Horns
Portative Organ (traveling organ) Bagpipes Shepherd's Pipe Horns
Positive organ (cathedral organ) Bagpipes Sackbut (early trombone) Horns
Drums-Small Percussion Serpent Horns
Drums-Average Percussion Citole Strings
Drums-Large Percussion Hurdy-gurdies or the wheel fiddle Strings
Doumbek (goblet-shaped drum made of metal or clay) Percussion Psaltérion Strings
Tambour or timbre (small one hand) Percussion The CRWTH Strings
Tambour or timbre (average) Percussion The Monocord Strings
Tambour or timbre (large) Percussion Travel Harp Strings
Cymbals Percussion Harp Strings
Kettle Drums Percussion War Harp Strings
War Drums Percussion Lyre Strings
Horde Battle Drums Percussion Zither Strings
Horde War Drums Percussion Psaltery or Kanon (Cannon or Canale or Qanon) Strings
Horde War Drum-Platform Percussion Lute Average Strings
Bladder pipe Bagpipes Lute-Large Strings
Rauschpfeife Woodwinds Mandolin (lute) smallest member of the lute family Strings
Hautboy (medieval oboe) Woodwinds Rebec or rabab Strings
Shawm (double-reed) Woodwinds Hammered dulcimer Strings
Reed Flute or Chalumeau Woodwinds Fiddle & Bow Strings
Pan Flute Woodwinds The Guitarra Latina Strings
Duct-flute Woodwinds Bladder Pipe Bagpipes
Recorder (internal-duct-flute) Woodwinds Dulcian Woodwinds
Flageolet Woodwinds Dulcimer Strings
Pipe Whistles (small) Woodwinds Large Dulcimer Strings
Large Gemshorn Woodwinds Gemshorn Woodwinds

New musical instruments to the Living World

The province of Kent in the country of Azin has introduced new musical instruments to the living world of Alquennas. These instruments come from the county of New Edo in the province of Kent. These instruments are:

Item Name Instrument Type Item Name Instrument Type
Hyoshigi Percussion Gottan Strings
Shoko Percussion Kokyu (Bowed) Strings
Kakko Percussion Hochiku Woodwinds
Taiko (Great Drums) Percussion Nohkan Woodwinds
Shime-Daiko Percussion Hichiriki (Reeded) Woodwinds
Biwa Strings Horagai Horns

Ceremonial Instruments of the Living World of Alquennas

Many of the races and cultures use specific instruments for special occasions and ceremonies. These instruments will be listed with the cultures and/or in the description of the ceremonies.