Zodiac Signs of Alquennas

Zodiac Sign

Starting Date

Ending Date

Starting Day

Ending Day

Number Of Days

Ram 21st Seeds Dawn 20th Awakening 91st 125th 35
Bull 21st Awakening 20th Blossom 126th 160th 35
Twins 21st Blossom 20th Frolic 161st 195th 35
Crab 21st Frolic 20th Harvest's Beginning 196th 230th 35
Lion 21st Harvest's Beginning 20th Light 231st 266th 35
Maiden 21st Light 20th Kingdom 267th 301st 35
Scales 21st Kingdom 20th Harvest's End 302nd 336th 36
Eagle 21st Harvest's End 20th Storms 337th 372nd 35
Archer 21st Storms 20th Frost 373rd 407th 35
Goat 21st Frost 20th Slumber 408th 20th 36
Amphorae 21st Slumber 20th Preparing 21st 55th 35
Fish 21st Preparing 20th Seeds Dawn 56th 90th 35