Surnames of the Living World of Alquennas

Individual surnames usually come into play with regards to Human cultures. Most origins of Human surnames are trade and vocational related. Some examples of these are Smith, Turner, Hunter, and Baker. The list is almost endless. Other surnames can develop from the place where they were born, such as Pond, Hill, Riverside, and Ford. Still more may develop from relationships such as Smithson.

There are two interesting situations of surnames for Humans that need to be noted here. If the mother of the child is not known, either the child takes their father's surname or they are given the surname of Debohran (The Mother). Debohran is the name of one of the moons of Alquennas. If the father of the child is not known, that child is given the surname of Hyach (The protector). Hyach is the name of the other moon of Alquennas. It is said that a motherless child will be looked after by Debohran, thus that child bears her name. It is said that a fatherless child will be looked after by the great protector Hyach and thus given his name.

In Wood Elven cultures, usually only the noble Wood Elves have surnames that are not derived from their wood.
Noble Wood Elves will usually have a surname derived from a deed they have done or an action they have taken. Noble Wood Elves must earn their surname. Other Wood Elves are usually known as being "of the wood' or ath the name of the Elven wood they were born in. As an example, Ellime's full name is Ellime' ath Silver Oak. Silver Oak is the name of the Elven wood she comes from. While Ellime' is considered a noblewoman by Humans, she was born to a humble family.

In Great and True Elven cultures, the Surnames are based off the lineage names of the Elven Houses from which the Elves are descendants. There are a few exceptions to this rule. The most notable of which are the ruling families in Greater Fyngel and Greater Bryagel. They decided several thousand years ago to break with that tradition.

In Dwarven culture, the surname of a Dwarf has usually been passed down from generation to generation with the origins either not known or not completely understood as Dwarven surnames are mostly from the time before the Dwarves crossed to Alquennas through the cross roads. It is believed that the names were once simple trade surnames or names earned for great deeds.

In Haeflin cultures, the surnames are developed off the Sphere, vocations, and status of the family into which the Haeflin is born.
An example of this is Margan Triword. Margan was born into the third Sphere of Haeflin Influence into a family of wordsmiths.

In Centaur culture, the surnames have developed from the locations and vocations into which the Centaur is born.
An example of this would be Carl Texbend. He is named Texbend after the river bend of the river Texam in Azin.

In Saurian: Dragon Kin culture, surnames are based off locations, vocation, and deeds in life.
An example of this is Garnna Sandstorm. Garnna was born into a family that dwells in the great desert and had an ancestor of great fighting prowess. That ancestor's prowess was great enough to be called a storm in battle.